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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has received their pre-order of a Mathmos Smart Astro yet. I ordered mine back in the middle of September and I've not received mine as yet. Hopefully they will be coming out soon, I paid for two as I ordered them.

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lamps trump cleaning every time!
plus you dont want to miss the moment they pop their cherries do you?
I am waiting for delivery Susan can't wait, bet you were shaking when opening the box. It's like Christmas lol, please post pics of the flow x 
Some more shots, they are starting to get going now.

I'm sure they will look much more stunning at night, to my eye they are much less bright than a normal lamp, the colour changing is quite something, the wax looks very different from normal lamps, it has a transparency to it.
I've not been able to get that beautiful light blue. So far mine don't look like they do on the promotional pictures, they might look different at night.
thats a bit much i ordered mine b4 you and not got a thing hmmmm favortisim lol
Marcel, to me the pink one is more purple.

So far I've found that it seems to just be the wax colour near that bottom that changes colour, the wax near the top seems to stay nearly the same as the wax was when cold. Having said that, the room isn't bright but it isn't dark either. So, in my house it seems I will have to wait until the room is dark to see the colours better.

They are really beautiful and they are so relaxing to watch as they slowly change colour. The photos I've taken don't do them justice.
Thing is, if the wax is purple when cold, i dont see how you'd be able to achieve the blue. Even if the lights are blue, its still going to have a plurplish tinge isn't it?

I like the yellow one most, surprising as I normally dont like yellow/green too much but i think its a nice yellow and as Marcel said I imagine the colour change would be more apparent.
There is a beautiful blue that does come through, it needs to be darker to show up clearer on the photos.
ive just emailed mathmos and had a groan, susans ordered after mine according to on here, and she's got her's, it should been done in first orders recieved first, etc etc , if not why pre-order something 2months ahead, im quite dissapointed now
They are really quite something, I've got to prize myself off the sofa to go and clean up, it is near impossible.
Marcel, I really don't know which one I like the best, I cannot choose they are both beautiful.
they do look fab, i would definately like one. its easy for people to be sceptical about the colour change, but this is a whole new design lamp and its very beautiful.
also, its so difficult to capture the true colour on a photo. My blue bottle always looks purplish in photos. :)

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