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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has received their pre-order of a Mathmos Smart Astro yet. I ordered mine back in the middle of September and I've not received mine as yet. Hopefully they will be coming out soon, I paid for two as I ordered them.

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Someone else on here has posted that they've also had an email update saying theirs is on its way.

I wrote what the numbers were when they arrived. The numbers actually don't mean anything to me to be honest. I think the numbers are 00111 and 00028, not sure I cannot remember and I cannot upturn the bases to look as they are cooling down.
Now everyone can see what it looks like as it runs :)
No probs :) it's a pleasure.

The blues my favourite colour of all of them.
be nice if i had mine!!!! lol great video
I am curious to try a SMART bottle on a regular astro base ..
Wow this is some serious discussion with serious legs. Yes I like Smart Astro too!
Awesome! Makes me proud too. So glad I visited the factory last year.
I would of thought pre-order meant that you would be the first to get it. If I had ordered mine without preorder I would have got it within 5 days. But I'm still waiting and I pre-order as soon as I got the firs email like everyone else. They have had my money for 6 weeks. I hope its worth the wait.
i emailed and got these 2 replys i wasnt arrare you could have done next day delievery on that pre-order

I can confirm that your order is ready to be dispatched on Monday. We had very high demand for the product and so are getting through the orders as fast as possible. We had some big trade orders placed very early on as well, so that might be what you are reading on the internet. As for personal customers you will have been in the first 100 to order, but obviously cannot guarantee a number that is as low as that.

The only internet orders that we have sent out are next day delivery and that totaled about 20. We have kept them all in the correct order as strongly feel the first that bought them should receive them. Sorry for the long wait in general, I am confident that you will be very satisfied with the finished product.
dont look like it, no doubt trade got there email, etc before personal customers, shant pre-order anymore not worth it ,might as well keep money in the bank and get intrest on it instead of them, why would trade want limited edition numbers anyway? probly be on ebay next week selling number 2 for hundreds of pounds lol
here here bohdan, this is the only begining just need them to develope it into a bulb fitting gadget so we can convert normal light bulb lamps to the smart astro heating plate type
They are brilliant aren't they Mathmos Goo. I must say my two smart astros have knocked my Crestworth coach lantern off the top spot as my favourite lamp. They are addictive to watch, very mesmerizing! I'm thinking of buying two spare bottles already, I can see these getting used everyday.

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