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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has received their pre-order of a Mathmos Smart Astro yet. I ordered mine back in the middle of September and I've not received mine as yet. Hopefully they will be coming out soon, I paid for two as I ordered them.

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Like you say Astrobaby, they are really something special, so much so I ordered another one lol.

Did yours have a date as well as the limited edition sticker?
what number did u recieve?
That would be interesting. By serial numbers do you mean the number on the limited edition sticker that is on the lamp base?
Good point, why don't you start a thread now Bohdan? I will add my numbers, we could add the colour combination along with the numbers as well. The thread can run right through the holidays and give us all something to read lol.
My man just ordered me a red/blue Smart for my birthday! Happy days!
Yeh mine arrived red/blue number 141, just waiting for it to heat up.
still not recieved mine :-( feeling disapointed
I don't think you will need any converters. They run from a transformer @12 volts 3 amp DC. All you need is a 12v dc supply. You could run them from a car battery. Just to clarify, this is what is wriitten on the transformer.

Input: 100-240v 50/60Hz
1.0A Max

Hope this helps
my status on order is on delievery YAY may arrive today
I hope I got my order in on time. 2 less units now.
mine just arried its 392, not to high number so pretty happy, i'll take some pics later when its heated up
Nice to know these are easy to use in other countries, a simple power supply and your good to flow.

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