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May Sell Some Giants and maybe an Atlantis Wave Machine!!!

I have several Giants I may sell. I need cash. I know these go for a lot of money and curious what people might be willing to pay for them. I have in many colors including Blue/White. Yes Giants and not Grande. although I also have several Blue/White Grandes as well but not as nice as we know.
The Atlantis wave machine is a tough one to let go but if the price is right it may be on it the way to the post office. I know one when for over $1000 Not long ago.
Both Lava Lamps and wave Machine are in great condition Have some original boxes and all used very little.

Thanks Guys and Gals!

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Do you have a blue/yellow? I am looking for a grande and would be willing to buy one if you have a good color. What colors do you have?
pics of the wave, highest i've seen was 800 on ebay where did u see one go for 1000 ?
You are looking for a grande ... I have new ones in box. What are you willing to pay? Most colors...
I may be interested. Need to think a bit more as I hate to give it up! Would have to be over $1000 or I will probably go Ebay ... Thank so much!
Will need to get pics when I get back to house ... am away now
I meant to say giant, sorry.
If you look at the fees ebay charges it looks like if it went for $1000 ebay would charge about $52 in fees if I am reading it correctly.

$2 to insert the auction.
9% of final value(maxes at $50)

Paypal will also get you for another $29.30 based off of this calculator.

So alltogether thats $81.30 which brings you down to $918.70.

I am sure you guys can work out the difference since a money order is cheap. :)
How soon do you plan on actually selling the giants? I am actively looking for one right now and I dont want my money tied up in case I find something.
Here are the giants I am interested in from greatest to least interest. I would also prefer a midnight base.

blue/white(dont want one unless its super super cheap)

If you have a blue/yellow giant with a midnight base you will be my hero.
Stop buying lamps on ebay every week and you can have a wave machine in less than a month. :)
I am starting to wonder if he still wants to sell anything...he just disappeared. I REALLY want a giant too.
Hi all-
Sorry for my delay. Been dealing with family health issues. I have time off coming next week and plan to post some to Ebay
Will keep you updated. If you want to discuss more specifics please send me an email ...
Alas...ditto on my end as well. They do look nice.

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