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173 Boxes of lava Lamps relocated form Storage room upstairs to garage in preparation of moving

Another 25 boxes are located in the guest closet

This all started when we found the bathroom ha been leaking into the hallway carpet where the novelty, Mathmos, and Plasma Lamps were stored.

All boxes had to be tossed and a dozen or so lamps reboxed

We lost only @ 4 factory issued cartons in all-mostly Plasma lamps

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Oh Claude that SUCKS! You know they make moisture alarms that are small for detecting leaks like under washing machines and hot water heaters. Maybe that could be an option in the future to alert you to the danger.

Good option to have

when we move to a house we actually OWN this time. most lamps will be displayed

Gonna need a bigger house...

Just got back from looking at one
I think I found the perfect transition home

Can always be turned into the weekend warrior home down the road


That does suck regarding all that damage, and having to moving around. I had lived with a family member for several years as I saved up for a downpayment on a house. And during that time I had to keep moving lamps around, reboxing, shuffling them from an outside storage unit, and bring them inside during the 100 degree hot summers here in FL, then when it cooled, move them back out since wasn't alot of inside room in the house. Finally have my own house now and I have a lava closet now, I just wish it was a walk in closet!!!! Good luck on your search for a house.

Yes. I've packed a day repacked lamps more than I care to count.

Hopefully, the new place will accommodate the collection.

198 boxes, I can barely handle dealing with 5 or 6 lamps.

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