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I ordered this over the 4th of July weekend and it arrived on

Tuesday the 7th.!!! Factory packing is very good & protected.

Mine shipped from Chicago area to midwest Iowa.  Only one day

FedEx !  Warming up now... See pic's

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That looks great! Crystal clear liquid. What number is your lamp?

Looks good! does it have single or double coil?

very promising!  nice lamp!

Oh my!!

That looks fantastic! 

I wish there was a local brick and mortar option for purchase.

Buying new LL online always makes me nervous. Spencer's should have gotten these as well! 

Looks like it has two coils; a large and a small

The number on the cap:




Very nice!!!!  Hummm......a possibility for this winter...too hot for me for lava right now!!!

I have most of my stuff in the basement,

It's 70 down here now and 79 or so upstairs,

no central air.  A cool place to hang out.

Winter, it's steady 65 with some forced air.

Stable temps for running / testing lamps.

I basically live in the basement, it's my "Lab"

Oh, and I'm a normal person, my mom had me tested ;-)

Well, i'm sure glad you are Todd.....

2nd run, Brain Spikes...

Very cool!!!  I luv those spikey moments!!!

That looks fairly decent! Please keep us posted if there are any issues are you continue to run it. Both of my Heritage Grandes have gunk in the coil after only a handful of runs. 

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