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My g/f was awesome enough to get me a mathmos jet in clear orange. As some of you may know I had been searching everywhere for a clear orange lamp and well she got me one and it's a mathmos. Well after having to buy a voltage converter and a universal to UK adaptor I still don't have the lamp running. Why you ask? Well because it was purchased from ebay and well It didn't have a light bulb. I've been to a few hardware stores, and specialty lighting places in my area and well no dice. I have no freaking clue where to get this bulb, or what kind it takes for that matter. If someone could hook me up with a link or tell me the exact type of bulb that'd be awesome. Thanks a lot guys and gals.

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There's only one problem. There's a sticker on the inside of the base that says 40 watt and it looks like a round bulb. However when you view the 40 watt bulbs on Electric planet none of them say suitable for a jet. Since I am completely virgin to this I don't feel like spending 4 bucks on a single bulb plus shipping from europe, waiting for it, and it not being the right one. I'm sure you have a mathmos jet. You have everything. How'd you get a bulb? And what's your best solution to my inquiry?
All of my Jets have a stcker that says 30 watts and thats what they all had in them when I got them. I would say the wrong sticker was put on the lamp or your reading it wrong...are you sure it dont say 240 volt ? The labels are different on almost everyone I have but they all state voltage (220-250) and watts (30). This is the bulb you need for direct replacement, I have ordered from here many times without a problem.. http://www.bulbman.com/index.php?main_page=product_bulb_info&cP...

Also just to let you know, Jets are the easiest lamp to convert to 120v USA wiring and socket. The whole socket pops right out and adding USA guts is very simple, under $10, causes no damage at all and can be returned to original state in minutes....no need for converters. All of mine have been converted to US wiring.

p.s. To make the shipping charge alittle softer, maybe stock up on some 40 watt frosted for the regular Lavas...they have the nice brass socket bulbs that never stick in the sockets.

I bought a UK lamp, and instead of going through all the conversion crap, I just rewired it. Piece of cake. Get an old lamp base and take it apart and reconnect in your new lamp's base. If I can do this, I know that you can!
Well I kinda came up with my own solution. However I am incredibly grateful for all of your responses. This is what I did. I went to an electrical supply store and to a few lighting places and to a few hardware stores. Well the one lighting store I stopped in had a guy who sold me a tiny little adapter that goes into the euro-candleabra sockets and turns it into an american candleabra. Then, stuck a 40 watt round candleabra bulb, supposedly like the ones in vanity mirrors and popped that in. I went to radio shack and since I already bought and couldn't return the universal to UK adaptor I just picked up a UK to American adaptor and now it's on. It's cloudy cuz of being shipped from the UK and being jarred around and the hot cold temps, but hey it should clear up. If not well, it's got the best thing a lava lamp could ever have. A screw on cap. That means I'll just filter pump the bad boy and that'll be that. One last question to all of you, should I run a 30 in it instead? (No I didn't read the sticker wrong, it says 40w inside the picture of a light bulb. I'll post a pic if anyone requests me 2. I guess the 30 would only increase my available run time, correct?
30 watt is correct, 40 watt is wrong. You could possibly melt the base with the 40, chose your poison.

Hi all I am new to this forum and this is my first post so do excuse me for chirping in..

I have an early Mathmos Jet metal base and the bulb in that is a 40watt, I also have a later plastic base Jet and the bulb in that model is a 30 watt obviously this is for heat reasons as the metal base wont melt but a 40 watt in the plastic might just cause some warping of the plastic..

Just thought I would let people know that depending on the Jet model both a 30watt and 40watt bulb is used..
is it a early mathmos jet? because i have a early mathmos metal jet with 40W sticker.
yes i have the early mathmos metal base jets and all on mine run off a 40w bulb. When i tried to run it on a 30w blub the wax runned hotter and had loads of small bubbles. Should i change back to 30w or on these models should i leave them at 40w.
I use 30w on mine now, and i only run my lamps up to 2 hours max, thats just me.
also i run my metal jets on a 40w bulb with no problems but do run the plastic bases on 30w. i find there is no diffrence. i think the metal base lets out the heat anyway but please correct me if im wrong.
My Jet uses a 30 watt reflector bulb and flows great. Plastic base tho.
All this bulb stuff aside, you have an awesome girlfriend!! :O

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