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I had as you remember, bought 6 of them to surprise her on Christmas morning, as she is 63 and still a bit of a hippy. On Christmas eve, I set all the lamps up with the exception of the little Telstar lamp (220volt) for her to see, actually operating and oozing, then brought her into the room. She could've cared less about these neat surprises. I was so completely crushed......She even wanted me to resell them to recoupe the money I had spent. Un phuquing beleivable! Hell with it. I'll keep them, myself. She didn't even want them in the living room! So I had to put them in my office. Sorry for the rant. Just makes me so damn disappointed. Just had to vent it to all you guys. You all seem so understandable. Hope things went better for all of you! Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Chris

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Well, I am hooked for sure. They will be staying here!
Dont take it hard, I think she was actually telling you she wanted more lamps and 6 was not enough. JK

Seriously dont be offended by her rejection of the lamps, my wife tolerates my collecting and enjoys some of them but she would not want one herself, its just not her thing. Maybe try setting up a nice display in your office and just let it take over slowly and soon you will have 100 lamps in there. I have a few lamps spread around the house but the majority of my collection resides in my home office and the spare bedroom, she has not complained and neither have I .

I appreciate you guys and gals! I love her lava lamps! The seed has been planted and is taking root!
The thought occured to me! Naw. She's kinda coming around. I mean come on....Who could possibly look at a lava lamps beautiful display of captivating and mind boggling oozing and swelling and collapsing and twirling, and not love that? I find it unbelievable! She watches TV for hours, I watch the lava for hours! I find that running more than 2 at a time is a terrible distraction though. I get the most enjoyment from just 1 or 2 running.
Sorry to hear of this MIAB (Chris). I understand your dissapointment too. She's just not lava centric as the rest of us. It's a state of mind I guess. At least you'll get to enjoy them. Merry Christmas and a happy new year too!
Thanks Alpha! Your always so kind with your words! Thanks a bunch. My wife....Arlene, had a lava lamp in the late 1960s, but she thought it was boring............? Whatever. I sure as hell am fascinated with them!
If i was your wife it would feel like all my christmas and birthday presents had come at once. For a husband to go to that extent for me would have been so sweet!!!
Well.......If I were your husband, I would be beaming!!! Thank you so much for the kind words creambuns
Your very welcome...hehe!
Ummm... if I were your old lady, you'd be getting several special favors for a gift like that!

I'm just saying....
My girlfriend wasn't ecstatic about me bringing home this bad boy either. It eventually grows on them though. I mean, how could you not like these things? It's like hating candy.

LMAO!!! well said!! Happy new year everyone XXXXXXX

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