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I thought I'd start a post on neat / rare eBay lava and glitter sales. Sometimes it's nice to remember the sale of a really cool or hardly-seen item.

Please only post completed/closed eBay auctions - please don't post any open sales!

I'll start off with the Princess wall model lava that sold tonight. Anyone here get this? :)

If you post to this thread with a completed auction, please try to include a screen shot, not a link. After so many months eBay removes auctions and for historical purposes, it'd be nice to see what sold.

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And if you would have accepted my original offer, you would have made $15 more than you did and you wouldn't have had to ship.  ;-)

Fight like a man Chow and lose the sniper bot!!!

Dr. WHAT?! said:

lol man your just jealous that our little trade failed

Jim said:

Exactly!  :-P

Dr. WHAT?! said:

yes they are voice activated although I dont think it works very well. Or maybe it just can't understand me lol

Never saw that one before, too bad the seller didn't want to send...


Glitter-boiler. Cool!

This curious lamp was at 45eur at first, then the seller changed is mind (and his price!)

Ouch. Wonder why? For 45 it's a great buy... Maybe he'll go back down after getting no bites a few times through at 200!

Anyone bought one of this boxed lamps?:

A rare Rocket:

A gorgeous Living Jewel:

Hears one, a fludium prototype of a clear cap it would be really intresting to see the other part of this as I guess they probably made a clear fludium base.

A Hunter Lava Lamp for £5!

That clear dome looks too tall to be a Fluidium cap.

I'm pretty sure this is the uber-rare Model 101 - florescent green liquid, red lava. I tried for it, but did not win. I think the winner is a member here, but not sure. 

Yes, that's a 101!

I knew it! I wish I'd won it. I hope the lucky winner knows what they have! It looks to be in pretty good shape. 

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