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I thought I'd start a post on neat / rare eBay lava and glitter sales. Sometimes it's nice to remember the sale of a really cool or hardly-seen item.

Please only post completed/closed eBay auctions - please don't post any open sales!

I'll start off with the Princess wall model lava that sold tonight. Anyone here get this? :)

If you post to this thread with a completed auction, please try to include a screen shot, not a link. After so many months eBay removes auctions and for historical purposes, it'd be nice to see what sold.

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Wasn't the buy it now $900? As Shaggy sang it best "It wasn't me".

LOL - Way, way, way too used to that by now Keith, but it does bring back memories. If I wasn't working I would have sent Chow a "You Son of a ..." message like I used to back in the day. :-)

Keith said:

But, you should be used to that by now

Jim said:

The Continental Chow just bought sure is nice. I tried to snag it myself as a gift to me for an anniversary at work, but Chow crushed me... literally and figuratively

That was a lamp I was watching too. I just wanted to see how high the price got. It shot up $200 in the last 5 minutes. Not something you see very often on eBay...

Massive Wave Machine was on ebay...

This was a fun discussion I came across while doing some research that I want to revive. Post some of your lucky scores or rare lamps you missed out on. If you missed out on any of these sorry, but I had to have them.

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