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I thought I'd start a post on neat / rare eBay lava and glitter sales. Sometimes it's nice to remember the sale of a really cool or hardly-seen item.

Please only post completed/closed eBay auctions - please don't post any open sales!

I'll start off with the Princess wall model lava that sold tonight. Anyone here get this? :)

If you post to this thread with a completed auction, please try to include a screen shot, not a link. After so many months eBay removes auctions and for historical purposes, it'd be nice to see what sold.

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What makes you say that - the lamps coming out of LL are rubbish across the board (and we all know that so lets not go there) I thought untill they stoped making the collouss they were ok.

Are there still collossus's in the LL warehouse in the US.

Dr. WHAT?! said:

lol how freaking sad is it that people in the UK can still get the colossus and they are crystal clear!!!?? I live within 1 hour of LavaLite offices and their warehouse and I'd still have a better chance getting one in the UK........

I know they are, but whenever I see a LL lamps from the UK they usually look way better then the ones here in the US. And you cant buy colossus here anymore. And jim and I have tried to get them from LL directly but they wont sell them to us,

I am not too sure about that - lots of LL lamps in the uk are bad as well - they may look clear but from my experance they dont flow at all or if they do then there isent much at all.

This is such a cool thread for eBay sales, Can we start a new thread for the Collosus sales/clarity,etc,etc. 

I'm not trying to stifle the conversation, on the contrary, it interests me, it's a worthy discussion. 

Just compartmentalize it.  Moderators can't move messages, only edit/delete. 

its a idea - what do you mean weebs?

Keeping this thread/conversation strictly to the "Neat or Rare Closed eBay Sales" topic and start any side topics/tangents in a new thread.  

For example " Are Collosus still available worldwide and what's the quality like? " would be another subject.

It's certainly worthy of discussion. We can then add  URL pointing to the new thread. (tanget). I'll try and work on it for an example.

I created a new subject(thread) here, Let's see how this works out. 


Tim Gill said:

its a idea - what do you mean weebs?

I saw that one. Too bad the fluid has been replaced. :(

That's my problem - no spare fluid lying around. ;) And yes, you're right - it would have gone for more. Congrats on your win! What do you have now, four of them?

Fancy glitter hoarder. ;)

Sit tight, just wait for the regular fantasia colum lamps. There is a difference in the glitter and flow of the fantasia vs jets and/or Lunar.  The lunar glitter is more rare then the fantasia colums. 

Not sure if this is deemed rare enough to qualify, but I had wanted one of these since I saw Lamphead's Spencers display.  Added bonus is that it comes with a snakeskin safari.  I am very suspicious of the lava color (in a very good way) - looks somewhat chocolatey.  Item number 370595668516.  A little surprised I didn't even need to fight for this one.

I'm sorry, I just don't see this as a $425 lamp.  Yes, Florence Arts lamps don't go up for auction very much, but this, appearances wise is pretty mundane to me.  Winner potentially the victim of their own sniper program? Bid went from to $136.90 --> $420.00 --> $425.00 in the waning moments of the auction.  I like my one Florence Arts lamp, but being way more ornate than this one (essentially a golden Mediterranean base), it has me tempted to list it.

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