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Need to sell my collection, anybody interested in helping me?

Hello Goo Heads!

Unfortunately, I need to sell my collection of lamps due to medical issues. I have 100+ lamps, mostly rare from 70-80's, only a handful of China lamps. My lamps have been stored for a few years, so I do not even have an accurate number to give at this time. I'd like to ask the group for advise, before resorting to ebay. Is there anyone interested in helping me sell them?

I haven't been on this site in a while, but I have posted pics of some of my lamps in the past.

Thank you for reading my post.

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I would recommend taking current pictures of your lamps and adding them to this post for everyone to see.

You should be able to sell many of your lamps directly to collectors on this site which would be preferable as you would not have to pay Ebay and Paypal fees then.

If you need advice on how much a particular lamp should sell for just ask here and you will receive a reply.

If you need someone to help package things your local UPS or FED EX store can do it for you. 

Yeah I completely agree that you should try here first. I sell on eBay part time and buyers can be complete a holes. I have even had some purposely damage items so they can get partial or full refunds. The fees on eBay / PayPal will be about 13% could be more if your a new seller. I would definitely be interested in purchasing some lamps as I'm missing quite a few variations.


I might be interested in buying a few as well!

Absolutely would sell through this group before considering ebay. I've bought and sold through ebay, and I agree, some people can be a holes! Besides, fee's are ridiculous.

I don't have a local UPS or FED EX store where I live.

Your comments are very helpful, and I appreciate the advice. I will start by getting pics of the lamps with descriptions, and posting onto this site.

Again, thank you all!

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