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I bought a new never used silver streak clear/red off ebay. When I took the bottle out of the box the wax was in 2 peices. I pluged it in and let it on for about 6 hours no flow at all half of the wax just sat on the bottom the other went to the top. I turned it off let it cool for 2 hours then turned on again left it on for 4 more hours nothing again. I turned back on today nothing no flow! Then bulb is fine maybe the wax is defective I don't know? If anyone could shed some light on this problem I would be greatful!

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Does the wax melt that is on the bottom?
Yes the wax is melted.
Is it attached to the coil? Coil should be inside the wax. If the wax is sitting on top of it, that might be the issue.
Does the wax at the top melt or is it hard? I had a clear/black that half went to the top and the bottom melted with no flow. Take the cap off and empty the liquid. Then run the globe on the lamp till all the wax melts back together. Let it completely cool and put the liquid back in. It worked for me.
Yes the coil is inside the wax. I have many lamps and I have never seen this before especailly in a never used bottle!
The wax on the top is 3/4 melted. the wax on the bottom is 100% melted but seems to be translucent almost like the mix is'nt right.
Same problem I had. If you do what I said above, it should work.
Thanks for your help I will try that.
I'm pretty sure the lamp wasn't ever turned on before the wax looked new like is was never melted. The base and cap were still sealed in plastic and the box was in brand new condition. But anyway I didn't pay much for it so thank you for the reply I will try emptying the liquid and heat up the wax.

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