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Lava Lamp is coming out with a new line of Beatles lava lamps:

I might have to start liking the Beatles!!

I like that they are using an actual picture of flowing lamps.


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I'm not big on the china flow ("juggler") shrink-wrapped stuff......

Let me guess - 20 oz. lamps? No thanks. 

I like that they used a picture too.  But these just aren't that exciting.  Maybe the one second to the left is a little...but I agree with Erin - if these are 20 ounce lamps, I'm not interested.   

Painted 20 oz globes with stickers on them = lame idea

A new series of ceramic icon lamps = excellent idea

LL really needs to start making nice 32 oz globes again that flow like the globes that were made during the 90's.

It appears that they prefer to keep producing cheap crap!

The only way to persuade them to change is to stop buying it.

This post


says that the Beatles series will be $29.99.  That suggests to me that they will be 32 oz.  And while the flow in these lamps is not especially impressive it does show what the colors will look like.  Personally, I don't have a gripe about the shrinkwrapped bases.  It does open up a wide array of design possibilities.  The images on the globes however I would find somewhat distracting.  The globe on the second from the left looks really intriguing though.

No Thanks! But thanks the info Keith!

I'm not sure why people look at Lava Lite's new offering and still hope that things will be better. Their 50th anniversary line killed the last bit of hope I had for them to ever change. I debated with their old CEO on Skype almost every night about the state of their lamps. What it came down to was two big factors, the company as a whole and the factories.

The factories cut every corner possible and actively try to screw you every step of the way. It takes a very savvy person to work with the Chinese factory owners and get quality products out of them. Other companies are able to do this, but they are investing the money to achieve this. Lava Lite is not Apple, Sony, Microsoft, or even anything close. They will not spend the kind of money it takes to achieve high quality products and why should they? Their business model is to sell cheap stuff to kids.

Lava Lite is focused on low cost products and have no interest in making high cost products as it is not as profitable for them. Their business model is make cheap lamps to sell cheap to kids. It is not to make high quality low profit lamps to sell to enthusiasts. When their previous CEO left what I got from our talks is it is a company wide belief that is so embedded that not even he could do anything about it. This is my opinion and not something he stated, but I believe he left because he didn't think he could improve the quality of their lamps. One of his big efforts was to bring some manufacturing back to America. Specifically the globe and formula assembly process. The last status update I got about that project was that the machinery to make the globes was being purchased, but that was 3 years ago and I bet they killed the project.

Things will not change. Like anything else if you want quality you have to be willing to pay for it. Mathmos is expensive, but so is anything else if it is of any quality. $20-$50 is not a lot for a lava lamp. Last I checked you can get a Mathmos lamp on Ebay for $120-$150. Another thing people should not expect is Mathmos officially selling lamps in the USA. They have an agreement with Lava Lite that was signed a long time ago and will be in effect for a very long time. Even if they did sell in America you would be paying at least $100 a lamp. It's time to move on. The dream is over.

This turned into a bit of a lengthy rant, but I don't think I have actually made a post in over a year that wasn't about selling something.

 agree with Autumn 100 percent cept for ONE thing.  I gave up on LL way b4 the 50th Anniversary lamps.  I just knew they were gonna make more cheap s##t!!!

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