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Ok here is my dilemma, I just bought a new 52 oz lava lamp from spencers online, I've run the lamp several times for a period of over 4 hours and I can't get the lava to flow. Once the lamp is heated the lava only domes on the bottoms and occasionally stretches upward but never breaks off and floats to the top. I believe that this is not a heat issue and that instead, it is a density issue with the liquid in the lava lamp. I know I'm not supposed to open the bottle but it's either add something to the liquid to get this thing flowing or goo kit it.  

So my question is what can add to the liquid to get this thing flowing? Salt? Dawn dish soap? 

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brian you really do have to run the lamp longer than 4 hours a day it takes a few hours just for the lamp to warm up. what is the longest you have ran the lamp at any one period of time. I have several new lamps in the 52 oz size and after a few days of running for 6 to 8 hours the lamps actually flow quite well. It is possible that you did just get one that is off. By the way I am not sure where you purchased the lamp but if you find out that the lamp you have happens not to be a good one you can always call lava lamp to get a replacement they are pretty good when it comes to stuff like this. In some cases they will sometimes send you an entire new lamp or a replacement bottle without you having to ship anything back

I did not realize that you got the lamp from Spencers online so you can either contact them directly or contact lava lamp and if the lamp is no good either one of the companies will either send you a replacement Etc. If you have a Spencers store physically near you you might also be able to just bring it in and return it there as well I am not 100% sure though

Sounds obvious but make sure there is not ceiling fan, air cleaner, AC/Heat vent, etc blowing past the lamp.
Try relocating it first

^^ Also good points as they are sensitive to environmental conditions.


I'll take your advice and run it a couple more times for an extended period.

Ok, this is the update. I think the issue with this particular lamp was with the coil not coming in full contact with the wax. I ended up returning the lamp to an instore Spencer's and placed an order online for a replacement. I lucked out and got this little beauty. The fluid is crystal clear and the wax is flowing nicely.  It's odd how 1 out of 5 of these lamps live up to our standards. Although for 25$ and a little legwork I now have a beautiful teal lava lamp.

very nice still life!

Great Photography

That's a beautiful lamp. :) congratulations

Very nice, I am happy you got a lamp you are happy with :)

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