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Now that 40 and 60 watt incandescents no longer exist in the US...

... has anyone had any success with halogen or compact fluorescent bulbs? I tried searching the forum and couldn't find any definitive answers. I haven't tried experimenting yet but I would assume the wattage would have to be higher in order for these "future" bulbs to produce the same heat of an incandescent. Also, aren't the compacts taller than standard bulbs, especially with a higher wattage? I only have one lamp so far but am picking another up tomorrow and I'm hoping I can use them beyond their bulbs' lifespan lol My current one runs nearly every night when I get home from work while I game :-/

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40w incancescent appliance bulbs are excluded!  i run mine while i game as well.

Oh thank the gods lol that just made my day!

Replacement bulbs for Lava Lamps are readily available at Amazon.com.  I just purchased several 40 watt bulbs for my lava lamps.

Like the man said, the 40W appliance bulbs, like most "special" bulbs, will still be sold.

CFLs do not generate enough heat to work. Halogens usually are much brighter.

But as posted elsewhere, I'm using a bi-pin base and bi-pin bulb in one lamp instead of the damned mini-reflector. Bi-pins will still be available, in 20/30/35/40/45/50 watt strengths that can all fit the same socket. (As posted elsewhere.) Usually not as cheap as appliance bulbs, although they can be. An alternative to keep in mind.

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