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Hi all,


I’m relatively new to lava lamps and I’ve recently dusted off my old Astro from the attic. It’s been running for a few weeks now and it’s flowing oddly. It has 2 different flows. It either makes a column up the middle that simply floats around for ages. The next time I’ll look at it, it will have changed to having all the wax at the bottom and will be shooting small globs upwards. Almost like a fountain or bubble gun. Then it will eventually create a column again.


I noticed condensation inside the cap that smells chemically. I assume the fluid is evaporating through the lid. Could this be causing an imbalance in the globe? It used to flow beautifully with 2 or 3 large globs falling and rising at a time.


I have successfully made my own ooze in the past and had it working very well in my brother in laws jet. I may end up starting from scratch with the Astro too, unless someone has any idea how I can fix it.


Many thanks!

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The odd thing is that when the wax is sat in the column shape it's like it doesn;t want to break up at all. But then when it's shooting tiny bubbles up it's like it breaks up too easily!

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