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my dogs knocked over my century... when I decided to run it for the first time in a few months. Now it is cloudy and i need to cycle it. Would it be best to do more short cycles with a 60 watt bulb or less cycles that are longer with a 40 watt bulb? I had to cycle it before when i knocked it over but i can't remember the cycle time i used.

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I'm no expert on cycling, but I always just run mine (even ones I get cloudy) on their normal bulb. They usually clear eventually, but maybe a 60w would speed up the process (or it could burn the wax).

right now i have it on a 60 watt 2 hour on 4 hour off. Also i put it on an aristocrat base instead of a century base.

i am now on 2 on 4 off aristocrat base with a 40 watt clear. Will post results

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