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I've just bought what I believe to be an old Astro.

Firstly its quite cloudy, and the fluid level has dropped a bit.

I have noticed though that the cloudyness is on the glass not the fluid as there is a small patch where it is clear, does this mean it may clear up after running for a while? I know it has just been sat around for years.

Also can I top up the level with distilled water or is it best left alone?


And not being quite the expert that some of you guys are I'm not 100% sure it is a genuine Mathmos globe.

Can someone please confirm to me that it is real, I've put on some photos of the top of the globe. It's got a Mathmos label under the base but thats the only place.

thanks :)

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I also have no idea how to get this lid off ?
Thanks guys, I have found a date on the base - 1994 so you were right Astro.
I will give the cap a try then, it might well be loose already but I was too scared to try it until I knew what I was up against.
It's play time again, wish me luck.
I have fiddled and let it run on and off round the clock and if my eyes don't decieve me I'm sure it's clearing up.
The lava is flowing quite nicely so fingers crossed.

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