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Hey all, hope everyone is well, work has been keeping me quite busy so haven't been around as often as I would like.

See photos below, found this at a thrift store and knew it wasn't on the new side due to the glitter size and shape/style, etc. I could be wrong though hahaha.

It's hard to see in the photos but the glitter is perfectly square and ultra silver and reflective. Is this what is called confeti glitter? The glitter is in perfect shape, no see through pieces and or fading etc.

The fluid is some of the clearest glitter fluid I have ever seen. Crystal clear like the bottle is not even filled with fluid.

The bottle is just about 3" in diameter and with the cap which the decorative cap, about 11"

It's a pretty heavy piece for it's size as well.

There is a metal ring on the bottom of the bottle that is ink stamped X285 or Y285.

So, what do I have here? Anything work talking about?

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Hey,  that looks like a Fantasia Glitter lamp bottle.   Anyone else?

I forgot to mention the top decorative cap is metal, not plastic, and a magnet will not stick to it. Must be aluminum if I had to guess

Or an old Crestworth jet.

Looks too narrow to be a Jet.  It is one of these:


That is the top part of a Fantasia glitter lamp  - 


The same type of glitter bottle is also used in a Cosmic Window - 


They typically have a color sticker applied to the bottom of them that changes the color of the glitter -


Vintage Fantasia glitter formula is the best even though it's a little toxic!

It can go bad over time if it misused.

I advise leaving it on for no more than 2 hours at a time.

Your bottle appears to be in superior condition, nice find!

Thanks Mile!  I thought that was one of the Fantasia bottles...missing the base made it hard to tell....unless you have owned one or seen them in person.  


Interesting fact =  a Fantasia glitter bottle ( right ) is very similar ( size ) to a Mathmos Jet bottle ( left ).

Both bottles will fit in the same type of base however only a 25 watt bulb should be used with Fantasia glitter.

Thanks for the info guys, after doing some google image checking it does in fact appear to be fanatasia glitter lamp bottle, not sure the model though.

The question now is, what to do with it as I have no base to use it with.

Oh, the color film is gone from the bottom.

Three "if's" for you?
* if you decide to release it....?

* if the bottom ring comes off....? (it looks as if it does from MH's comparison photo vs a Jet)


 * if you're willing to ship it across the pond....?

...I'd love to try it in a Crestworth base over here, in crazy Brexitland (never tried a Fantasia glitter)

Hope you don't mind, guys? - it's just a thought, no worries if...if...if... not...?

Please feel free to PM me if you're interested?

I promise to give it a good home...

I got what you need - PM me if you are interested  :)

Friend request sent!

It's a Fantasia glitter lamp.

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