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My new 20 oz overheats fast. Is aluminum foil safe and how much should i use on the bulb.

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I have been experimenting with foil, and it definitely does help over-heating! Haven't had any problems, either. You jus need to experiment with how much to use. I began with a 4-fold thickness square of aluminum foil, placed right on top of the bulb. Now, I've got it down to where a single layer square of foil is what my 52oz LL lamp seems to need to keep from running hot. Try it!
There is some one who use metal/iron nuts to help the over-heating
problem , and im useing a power controller to turn down the heat
and flow but am i the only one who dos that ?

Nah, lots of people here seem to be using dimmers...
Whatever you do, dont wrap the bulb with foil. I tried it with a 40w R20 and it started to bulge at the top. If I hadnt of noticed it probably would have exploded.

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