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So I thought... We have a great music thread, random topic thread and various lava/glitter/fiber/rain/plasma/wave/motion image threads. I think we need one to support general photography, unique images and moving pictures (e.g. gifs and other things that move). Maybe it will be a quiet thread maybe it will get rowdy. I could be talking to myself here! Post images that move you, excite you, make you laugh maybe even cry! Express with imagery!

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That is almost spooky Deb!

Spooky but cool... Rudolph eat your heart out.

VOXul said:

That is almost spooky Deb!

Great thread... Jus's circus Lion made me smile  :)

I am excited to see you guys and gals excited for this.  It could be destined to become something beautiful Bar-bu-rah!

Mods and Mark, let me know if this is in violation of any rules, we will keep it clean. I like Aladdin's approach at calling out something he liked instead of replying to the original post, might keep the automatic reposting of images in reply to a minimum and play nicer with the server.

That lion pic is funny, and the E.T. spike from Crestworth makes me want to watch that movie again..for the first time in 20+ years!

I've put this photo up on here before... it moves me... like he's thinking... "Humans" what have you done... you call it Evolution... Progress... "Homo Erectus"... Superior... Pfffft !!!

 A favorite stop off heading into Wisconsin...


A pigeon sitting behind the "anti pigeon" spikes on a Marshall Fields store ( look bottom left )....


  This one just brings back good memories to me from my old days :)


Love the "anti pigeon" spikes photo... Mother nature always finds a way eh'. 

He does seem to be giving a face of disbelief, as if to comprehend how it could be, I like it Aladdin. Lamps shot just proves some higher intelligence, with animals too, haha

Some cool stereographs done by Dain Fagerholm, reminds me of a blend Shel Silverstein and Where the Wild Things Are.

... or maybe Mr Gorilla is coveting CrestworthLimited's collection !!!  :D

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