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On a new premier lava lite 52oz. Is the cap that holds the liquid a bottle cap needing a bottle opener, crimp cap like a grande cap or is it a screw on cap?

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Bottle cap

Thanks Keith. I'm new to replacing that type of cap. If I were to get a cheap bench capper from ebay do I specific or sized bell? (I think a bell is an interchangeable press piece to squeeze the appropriate sized cap back on)

Thanks for any help


The smaller bell is what you need with it.  There is another way I will link to later

Here is a method to re-cap globes without a capper.


Thanks Keith, I'll try the hose clamp method to reseal.

Hey Frank, I just recently fixed a foggy lamp and used a hose clamp to recap it. Worked great, nice and tight.

Thanks Lenny, I'll try that

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