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Hi All, 

First post on here....I used to work at Mathmos in the late 90s as a development engineer in the R&D department located in Poole. I worked on a few project from that era including the space projector and various lamp improvments and modifications. 

One of the projects was trialing some of the flocked ideas. I was recently going through some old stuff at my parents house and found this, which I thought people on here might be interested to see. 

This would have been a prototype Flock at the time used for testing. Sadly the bottle is long gone. Ill look at buying a replacement....but at the time it would have been neon yellow and clear I think. 

It was a great place to work, very friendly and a good family atmosphere. I was always very imressed how much attention they payed to recycling materials. Even back then they were leading the way. If only more companies had taken their lead. 


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Very Cool

Very cool to see one of those!

Btw do you know anything about the jet flock prototypes? I once owned two of em, they came as a set of three in yellow, purple and orange and they were based on plastic jets. they were said to be original from the factory by many including a lady on the mathmos hotline. Have you ever seem them at the factory and was there also a green one?

thanks :)

As I remember, we flocked everything in sight!!! So I expect what you had were not so much prototypes but items created for testing and seeing the effect of heat from the lamps on the flock coating....even rarer than prototypes really!

If you would consider selling it please let me know!

I’m lucky enough to own two of the three known factory flocked Jets, Yellow (clear/yellow) and Orange. I still maintain the orange flock Jet is one of the most expensive Jets ever purchased but worth it with its matching and truly stunning orange/orange colour way.

Is this the flock seen in ine if the Edward Craven photos - which looked to show a yellow.flock in the background? When i find the photo, i will post it!



Awesome! I always wanted a flocked lamp (Lava-Simplex made some in the 1970s, minus the glowing jewels).

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