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I re-posted this in the help section in case people didn't see it. Thanks to LUV MY LAMPS for the idea to do this.

I didn't want to spend a ton off money on a filter for lamps I wasnt that happy with so I tried the 14.99 PUR water filter pitcher. It worked out great. Here's how I did it.

I started with my new clear 20 ounce China lamp. The water was milk white before I started and it came out like this.

It only lost a slight amount in the transfer which I added distilled water through the filter to the lamp to top off. Then I did my green lamp. Pretty successful Before and After

Then my red lamp, blue and purple. here's a pic of the blue before and after.

heres some pics showing what i did with the pur filter. When I was done I ran hot water through the filter for a few minutes and the water started coming out clear again so it seems I'm ready to do more if I need to. It did a nice job for 15 bucks. Thank you to the person that posted this idea first!

They didn't turn out too bad for kinda crappy China lamps to begin with. I'm happy with what I learned tonight if I end going back to more high end American made lamps. Thanks for looking!

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i ordered two more China lamps through spencers and received them today. The wax in my old green lamp was very dark. almost a brownish tint and my red one discolored the water so much you couldn't really see what was going on inside.

Here are the new ones. When I got them today they were cloudy so I ran each of them through the trusty PUR water pitcher. Now I have crystal clear brand new lamps that look very nice. I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out.

They look great!

The clear/red looks just like the 20oz clear/red I got a few days ago. The wax doesn't really turn opaque like the older formula. It stays kinda transparent. But it flows well.


Yeah the red has a transparent look to it in this 52 oz and the 20 oz one I got last week. I kinda like it though. The red wax in my old China red 52 oz lamp turned the clear water red and didn't look very nice. I like the bright look of this newer red wax. The green looks more like traditional wax and I'm really glad it's looks lime green cause my old one looked brownish green.
You know, one thing I hear people say about their clear/lime globes is the color turns to an army green or just turns dark. The first clear/lime I got is still pretty much lime. It turned a little darker, but it is still a great color and I've had it for....3 years or so. The same goes for the other clear/lime I bought that I customized and turned orange/lime. The wax is still the lime color.

I guess I just lucked out.

Dose this filter work for the smaler Lamps to?

yes, I got a really cloudy 20 oz clear/blue that cleared up right away.

here's some before and after...

Thanks for all the good info here. I decided to do this to a couple of my lamps as well. I picked up some new bottle caps, a bench capper (spent 40 bux on it so it's not too bad) and a pur water filter pitcher.

I just emptied my china clear/black into the pitcher after marking the globe. So far I am very impressed. The liquid coming out is crystal clear. The liquid going in was cloudy and terrible. Looks like there might be hope after all :)
That's great news!
I'm going to try the filter next.

Where did you find the bottle capper??

Make sure that when you do use the filter, you follow the instructions for soaking and rinsing just like it says. Otherwise you will have some impurities like carbon dust or the like in your liquid. After soaking and rinsing, let it sit for about 30 minutes so any left over water will drain out. Give it a couple of shakes to help it extract any left overs as well. You should be good to go now.

I also never rinsed out the filter after each lamp. Then again, I only did clear lamps as well. Not a colored liquid lamp.

I purchased my capper and caps here - http://www.weekendbrewer.com/beercapperscapsbottles.htm#Beer%20Bott... it's a store thats a little drive, but not far. They do ship and they are really nice people. A mom and pop shop. They were very helpful.

Have fun! :)
You can get bottle cappers cheap on e-bay. Don't get a hand style capper as they are intended to cap wine bottles and won't work for lamp globes. Just get the bench style. I paid $8 for mine.
Yes, you can recap a grande. Take the top off carefully, try not to bend it. After filtering the lamp put a small amount of gasket sealant on the inside ring of the lid. Not the whole lid....just where it sits down on the glass. Put very little or it will squeeze out into the lamp. Then have a friend push down on the top while your crimp the metal cap back under the lip like it was before you took it off. Let it sit without running for 48 hrs to let the gasket sealant cure. Now you are good to go. I have done two grandes like this and (knock on wood) neither one of them leaks.

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