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 Has anyone bought one of these Grandes. Would you care to share you views or experiences. I'm thinking about getting one.  I would like to see a photo of an actual one.


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I don't know how the Rainbow Grandes are currently.

I bought two of them when they were first released last year.

The lava flow is great however the paint on the globe looks pretty crappy especially when you look at it closely.

I removed all the paint from one of my rainbow globes to make it clear/white/yellow and I like it better than the original.


I have 2 of these lamps. One was a replacement for the first on I got for Christmas that came VERY cloudy!! I do not really care for them at all! I would not waste your money on one! But that's just my opinion.

I took a quart of acetone, and q new scotch-bright scouring pad , and stripped off the crap paint job

Well it's cloudy I can't see through it just shook up a bit from shipping if you get one you might ask them to label it this side up and fragile and such as mine was delivered upside down

I had one and returned it. The spray job on the rainbow part was sub-par and really ruined the look of the lamp. But that's a great price for one!


I wished the paint on mine was as good as the one in the picture.

I might have saved a quart of Acetone

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