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see pm


This individual badgered me to buy these lamps until Midnight on one occasion and refused to acknowledge my responses for a decision at a later date.

I ended up purchasing three lamps for a total $400 from this individual, and have yet to receive a tracking number or confirmation of shipment.

I paid for them via PayPal on 7-27 and 8-1 (over 22 days ago)

All I receive from this apparently entitled individual, are excuses, a terrible attitude, unprofessional responses, and complete lack of respect.

I have been forced to contact Paypal for refund

Hey Claude,

I am sorry to hear about this situation! 

If Reece has any integrity he will respond here and let everyone know what is going on with your transaction.

Scammers really suck and they should be publicly shamed whenever possible so others can avoid them!

I really hope that Reece or Paypal will make things right for you!


Paypal will make it good and he has until tomorrow to respond to them.

Claude sorry to hear about your shitty dealings, hope all gets sorted. Keep us updated.

i had a similar interaction with him a few years ago. he tried to scam me by 'paying' with an eCheck, then demanded that i send the lamp before it cleared. after a few rounds of absolute nonsense, he finally paid a different way and i shipped the lamp. i'm surprised OG didn't ban him long ago.

The complete and utter lack of respect and professionalism is annoying beyond belief.

He hounded me like a crack addict in need of a fix, at midnight, on several occasions, just to make the sale.
I repeatedly told him I am trying to relax and that I had to wait to see if commissions were coming in on time.
It didn't matter to him and as he was hearing me on deaf ears and continued to be an annoyance

My comment:

DO NOT give me that casual "blow me off" attitude after you repeatedly hounded me for the sale and payment at midnight 

it's been over 2 weeks since you received the first payment and 10 days on the second

Enough of this bullshit, enough of these excuses.

Either I have a tracking number by close of Monday or I cancel the order with Paypal.

try taking a course in customer service

Reeses unprofessional and dont give a damn response:

I run this business, there's no customer service needed, and if youre gonna use that tone towards me then I simply wont sell to you anymore. I said what the situation is and if youre gonna continue to act like a child then Ill take my business elsewhere, this isnt a business, this is a mutual exchange, and were both required to act the same, customer service from BOTH parties. I SAID id have it out monday and apologized for the wait, you can accept or decline.

MONDAY he was referring to was the 14th and they never got shipped nor did I receive a tracking number

it is obvious his parents failed as providing any guidance to this entitled punk.

Maybe when he misbehaved, his parent gave  him the good ol slap across the ass, instead of "time-outs", it's entirely possible  he would have learned what the word "Respect" means

It's apparent he is one of those idiots that got a trophy for "Participating"

This is the very reason the service industry is in trouble

And to top it off, aren't you supposed to be 18 in order to be an ebay seller?

One day someone is going to show up at his door and give him an ass-whopping he deserves.

He thinks he can hide behind the internet and get away with this shit. but that is not how life works

Karma is a real nasty and sneaky bitch, she will pick a time and place to seek her revenge on this person.

It's just life and sneaky underhanded pricks always get theirs in the end!

I agree with you Kero

Karma will prevail

everyone that has screwed me is either dead, broke or has experienced a tragedy in their life for their actions

I have two lenders that stopped paying renewals and there is nothing I can do about it but fly to Canada and kick some Jewish ass on one and have the one in NYC indicted for fraud

I used to get $6,500 every three months from the Canada lender and $8,500 on the NYC  like clockwork 

And the part that really annoys me is they did not give my client the discount for not paying me..

I had a similar dealing with Reece too on eBay. I waited one month after purchasing a lamp from him (that never shipped) before having to file a dispute with eBay and PayPal to get my money back. His communication was poor, and eventually non-existent, which led to me filing my dispute.

To everyone accusing me of "scamming", this is nonsense.

I understand of the time it has taken me recently to get some of my shipments out, and I deeply apologize, but maybe I shouldn't have listed them for sale in the first place.

I have been awfully busy lately, and am trying to part off the rest of my collection, and I AM aware, if I am this busy, I shouldnt be listing the items for sale, and I apologize for that misleading as well. 

Until I can get my things together and find the time to be able to get to the post office I will not be selling, but as soon as I find the time, I will be shipping them then DAY of the transaction and taking payment after a tracking number is provided.

@Brad I'm dissapointed that that happened to be your opinion on that transaction, but maybe it is just your fault for being uninformed on how PayPal works, so I wont blame you for that.

An "echeck" is a payment sent from a bank account, which takes a few days to clear out. If you wouldve asked me firsthand I would have sent it directly from a PayPal balance but I was saving that for something else. No "Scam" was trying to take place there, as I was at the height of my collection at that point in time and I am pretty sure you know that that is not what I was trying to do, so please stop trying to side with the crowd :)

Cloud, I am aware of the lengthy time it has taken to get the lamps out at this point, and I apologize, but if you can't wait a simple 2 weeks which I had been FULLY communicating with you for the entire time without making a dispute, then I will simply refund you your money.

I apologize to everyone that my slowness has been affecting, I will be fixing the situation shortly whenever time allows.

Thank you for everyone's patience, I am NOT committing any acts of fraud/scamming.

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