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I want to recap a globe without the capper. Can anyone help me out?

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thanks once again bohdan
I just completed the recap with the needle nose and the lamp is on the base. So we'll see. But it seemed to have worked surprisingly well. Thanks to you Bohdan and Weebo Tech.
I completed cooking the wax back to the coil becuase it was a goose egg and sure enough it did nothing. Any help here. I'm really frustrated.
How do I get the coil out? And then get one back in under the wax? And how do the coils from Home Depot work as opposed to the ones from LW?
So are you saying that I should heat the lamp and just pour everything out all together?????
Where on Earth did you acquire such a device?! And are you saying I should heat the globe with the cap off?
And this is my globe being on for about 30 to 45 minutes with a frosted 40. The one I uncapped and heated.

So basically I'm just ubending a coat hanger? Sorry if I'm an idiot. I just wanna be sure of what I'm doing. And stupid question but do you think a 40 clear would make a difference?
I'm off to Home Depot right now. Wish me luck
They were F'n closed. Until 2morrow I guess
Is there a way that you can pull up a pic or product # for this coil or exactly what I need to ask for Bohdan?
Well here goes. I got really impatient. I had a little china lamp that you get at 5below it's a local store in jersey. I sacrificed it to the lava gods. I took the cap off removed the coil with a coat hanger, cleaned it. Then dropped it into the lamp I'm trying to fix and centered it inside the other coil. The china coil was smaller than the LavaWorld one. So lets hope this works. Any feelings or input?
Lamp is now flowing gorgeous. I'm so thrilled. My first sucess in breaking the seal of a lava lamp, adding a coil, recapping it and getting it to look beautiful. Thanks sooo much for all the help. Before joining here, I would have just been stuck with a shitty lava lamp and been upset. I'm still searching for coils though. Can anyone help?

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