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Received this Celestial icon smashed in the mail a few weeks ago.

I repaired it with two part epoxy, trying to leave the cracks as small as possible.

I had to rebuild a section where the it was smashed beyond repair. In order to do this, I placed a square of wire mesh behind the hole and attached it to the inside of the base with epoxy. Then I was able to fill in the space with epoxy and sand flat when it dried.

All that's left is to paint it. I can't decide whether to try to match the paint and paint in just the cracks or sand the whole thing and then respraypaint it. The only thing being that if I redid the whole thing I don't know how I would be able to get the colors on the moon/sun, etc.

--dates on photos incorrect. They're from this week.

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Yep, airbrush it! Just take lots of photos, or ask for some of the original paintjob & overuse Masking Tape! You should be able to very nearly replicate the original.
Hmm, never airbrushed before. Good idea though.
Is it that easy? To do the blending and everything?

Very easy... like spray painting, but with more control. Look at Michael's, Hobby Lobby... see if you can find a cheap one.
Nice save on the lamp. I would suggest painting it differently than original for something totally unique.


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