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Hi I live in the UK and need advice on replacing my bulb, Ive gone through all discussions and am not feeling very hopeful, Ive looked at other bulbs but can not get the wattage needed, I see LavaLite are making them again,? could they be using the same style bulb? will i need to buy a new base and get it rewired for the UK, Help, my colossus is sat dormant and I miss it working.

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Think this is aimed at you Liam, Metallica man Trevor has asked you a ?

Still here everyone how's it going... try this old link...


Hi Matt are we saying that the bulb Liam ordered was wrong, as its from the same site as your discussion link for French company, I could not see an outcome in your discussion. Thanks for helping x

Yeah the question was for Liam

Sorry for the slow reply. It could possibly be partly disconnected from the coil but it is hard to tell. It is just in a big blob at the bottom and also a smaller blob is floating at the top of the bottle. The bulb I bought was 200w but the bottle never gets as hot as my grande for example, and that's even if I leave the colossus on for 2 whole days. The lava does go molten and move about abit at the bottom and occasionally bits might float to the top and stay there but it never does the flocking routine that my other lamps do. It probably doesn't help that my house is generally pretty cool as well? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to get it working.

When I said 'Flocking' I actually meant 'Spiking'. I'm still learning all the lava lamp lingo.

Hubby adjusted the base, now ive got the 250 watt heat bulb in that lavalite said, fingers crossed, the bulb from your site Liam is here also, so have a fall back lol, the size of the original bulb is alot smaller, 10cm across and 13.5cm long, My lamp worked well before so ill keep you posted. Mind you we both need osteopath now.

Woo Hoo its working bulb works well, as soon as able will post pic's

Hi Karen.

Did you have to alter your base for it to fit the 250w bulb? If so, what distance did you leave between the bulb and the globe? Also, where did you buy the 250w bulb from? I think I might give a 250w bulb a try and see if it gets my lamp going. Thanks.

Hi Liam yes we altered the base and was easy, the bulb fits flush with the top of the base, the globe does not touch it and its working well, i bought a heat bulb,,http://www.solwayfeeders.com/products/infrared-bulb-clear-250-watt-..., hope you get it going xx

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