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Replacement color wheels and wheel refurbishment is now available for sale on ebay. I am resuming production of these wheels. If you are interested, please visit the link below in this post, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away within this thread!

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For those of you not able to find the listing on ebay for color wheel selection and purchasing these are all of the current patterns being offered, they will install on the chrome Fantasia Sunburst 4000, Regency, Cosmos 5000, and Solar 1 models. They will not work on the black model Sunburst 4000. I only refurbish those wheel and apply the new graphics, you would need to mail me the wheel and gear assembly. I accept Paypal, just let me know in a message or in this thread how many and of what design and I will let you know the cost total to submit me via Paypal.

Hello Lava (and fiber optic lovers).

Just a quick shout out to Joe Penny for hooking me up with one of his awesome new color wheels.  I recently purchased a Fantasia Solar 1 (Thanks Josh!!!!) and went about in my usual fashion of having to give the lamp a proper going over.  Fortunately the lamp is in glorious condition and a simple chrome polish had it all sparkly and new looking.

I've since replaced the motor that came with it and now a new color wheel is in there too.  I worked with Joe to create a new design specifically for the Solar 1 and the emphasis was on colors and activity that would best complement the Flying Saucer design of this lamp.  Joe was even kind enough to ask what I thought about offering this new color pattern for sale to others and I said "go for it!".  So if you like it it can be yours too.

Check it out in the video below and get with Joe for your color wheels!

Here is a pic of it installed in my Solar 1:

The video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-JKUljpT4c


Hello Gary, great question as of right now no i do not, if i recall i did give it a try and found that changing the wheel out was very difficult, the average person would not be able to change it out, thats not to say it can not be done. If you were to provide me the exact dimensions of the wheel you would need made along with how big the center hole would need to be i think i could make it happen.

Hi Joe! Any chance you have come across a motor for my Black Sunburst! Thanks!

Yes, if it is the synchronous motor you need i have those in stock. It is the motor that spins the fiber optics and color wheel together. If it is something else you need i do not have that.
These color wheels look awesome! Is your wheel coating clear enough to do your own "colormax" lamp? I have tried many different techniques and cannot get it to turn out clear. If so, custom colormax bottles would be really cool. I would love a rainbow bottle (that is actually rainbow, unlike lava lite's offering).
Awesome! I sent you a message. Thanks!
I just sent you over a reply to your inbox. And cowmation im not sure what a color max lamp is, please forgive me. If you could please provide me with a photo and description i may be able to help you out.
Joe. Colormax are the current series of lava lamps that are color painted bottles with white wax. I think Cowmation is wanting a color printed sticker to put on the bottom of a standard clear lava bottle. This would apply color variation to the wax the old fashioned way.....via the bottle bottom.

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