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Hello everyone, I know many of you are on the hunt or know of someone on the hunt for replacement fiber optics for their Fantasia lamp. Look no further!! As you all may or may not know already. I am currently in the process of making replacement glass fiber optic sprays. These will be identical to the original Fantasia sprays. I am overwhelmed with pre-orders and will most likely have a supply and demand issue on my hands at first, so I will do my best to have enough on hand when I begin selling them to go around. The first sprays that will be rolling out will be for the Sunburst 4000 model, Cosmos 5000 model, Regency 4001 model. All previous model Fantasia lamps, Cuda etc will have replacements as I make them available. These I hope to have ready by early to mid summer.

The large fiber optic sprays that will first be available, will be available in two lengths. The first one being a 14" spray that when inserted will hang and display its ends about mid globe on a Sunburst 4000.
The second length spray will be 18" long and is generally seen on the Black Sunburst 4000 model "Egg Shape" But will fit the Chrome and gold model Sunburst 4000 model lamps also.

The Cosmos lamp will need a measurement specific spray tailored for a exact fit within the lamp, essentialy the 14" spray should fit with no problems however I would not mind some feedback on the length of the fiber optic spray from a Cosmos 5000 model. "Measure from the ferrule to the end tips of the fibers, I know multiple sprays were used on the Cosmos, some shorter than others, just reply to this discussion with the measurements, please and thank you! :-)

These fiber optic sprays are in no way easy to make and will be made by hand and not in a factory, the cost of materials, especially the glass fiber optics is a bit pricy, the work and the process that goes into getting a spray fully assembled from start to finish with a haircut takes a bit of time. The price tag on these sprays will be most likely in the neighborhood of $100-125 each, that will be determined when they are made available for sale. I am a quality person and will make the price tag worth it's cost. I know you all know these sprays are not available anywhere unless you purchase another lamp somewhere and snag it's spray for a replacement.

keep your eyes peeled on ebay for these sprays as this will be where I will be hosting them for sale first as where I also have many other Fantasia related replacement parts for sale, color wheels etc. I will also give a heads up to you all on here prior to me listing them on ebay. Reply to this thread to give me an idea of how many "goo members" alone I will be helping out with sprays. I look forward in helping many of you get your vintage Fantasia lamps back!!
As a heads up I WILL NOT be offering "Heat Formed" replacement sprays as the process in doing this is very involved and requires special techniques and equipment I do not have access to, perhaps down the road when the lighting business I am trying to get launched is successfully up and running.

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I just signed up on site. Been reading it for a couple of years.  Great site.   Just received some of the wheels that jmpenny32 is making. Great wheels  Also great shipping. Good guy to do business with. Swapping wheels was a easy project and well worth the time.  The colors look great.

Many thanks to Christian for sending me a 10,000 and 14,000 spray!

I am not sure which fact is more AMAZING -
- The package arrived from Germany in only 4 days!
- It only cost 7 Euros to send the package!

I wanted to mention a difference between the two sprays for those considering purchasing them.
They both fit large European lamps perfectly, but you will have to add tape very evenly around the shaft to make them fit on a large Fantasia lamp.
Both sprays are full looking but I actually prefer the 10,000 fiber spray a little better because it's metal shaft does not allow much light to escape from the center like the plastic shaft on the 14,000 fiber does.

14,000 FIBER

10,000 FIBER

I am interested in purchasing a replacement plume for a Vintage Sunbeam Fantastic Chrome 4000 lamp.  Are they available?

Are you speaking about the gentleman from Europe?  I've e-mailed him a couple of times.  No response.  Or, is this someone else actually manufacturing them?

What seller should I be looking for on e-bay?  Any time frame you can provide?

Are you speaking about the gentleman from Europe?  I've e-mailed him a couple of times.  No response.  Or, is this someone else actually manufacturing them?

Jennifer, I didn't receive any mail from you! I am selling the Glass Fibers and you can see my offer on my website


Mostly I answer within some hours any question and I ship every order within one or two days after receiving the payment.


Wilfred, tell me how much and I'll send you paypal now!  I'm devastated that my pet pot bellied pig knocked it off my table 1 month after my husband bought it for me in an antique shop as an anniversary gift.  I thought, "Wow, my husband really loves me!"  then BAM, Pepe knocked the table trying to get a ball and it shattered...I have a Sunburst 4000.  Money is ready in PayPal for you!  I live in Florida, USA.  Thank you!  Here is my e-mail so we can do this privately:  jenzsells@yahoo.com

@ Jennifer Zigarac.

You should order via Wilfred's website which he has linked to in his above comment.


Hi I have the Fantasia Sunburst its the all chrome one with base round, I have the opitcal fibers but its sort of thinned out need new one

Hello, I just bought a black base Sunburst 4000 with the very long spray. It seems to be shedding... every day there are new fibers on the floor around the lamp. I would be very interested in purchasing a new, long spray. How can I make this happen? I'm in seattle

I am also interested in a spray for my Cosmos.  I went to the linked website, but got confused...is there and English version or a translator for Safari?


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