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Just bought a new premier 52oz.lava light from Amazon. It was only $19.00 free Prime ship so I bought 2. I like the wax color, but not the colored liquid. So I was wondering if I pour out the Colored liquid, leaving the original wax. Can I refill using distilled water and goo kit surfactant or would that not be compatible with original wax? Thanks for any help.

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Basically, no.  You would also need to add ingredients to make the water more dense.  Some have used propylene glycol, others have used salt.  But if the water isn't cloudy and you want it clear a good way to change it without opening the globe is to let it sun fade.  If it is placed in a sunny window or a safe, sunny place outside the colored water will fade to clear (or nearly clear) in a few weeks, especially in the summer time.  The more sun the faster it will fade.

Thank Keith I think I'll try that with one of them this summer.

If wax color fades a little in the process I can always add some wax dye and the liquid would still stay clear.

Makes me wonder if a uv tanning lamp might speed that process up, plus it would have the advantage of aiming the light just at the liquid. Hmm

It takes weeks to fade liquid but a lot longer for the wax to fade.  If you use the uv lamp you should be ok as long as you stop when the fluid is clear. maybe?

uv seems to do a great deal when it comes to fading. usually here in germany it really takes weeks to fadenif not month but I have one corner in the living room which is basicly in the shadows all the time but when I place a lamp there its clear in a few days, dont ask me why...maybe the same phenomenon like the pyramids provide where meat doesnt rot and metal dosnt oxidise...? or maybe its Infra red waves and not uv but definitely something not visible for the human eye.

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