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I've done successful gookits on a couple grande globes but I'm running into a problem with the rubber stopper on the top getting sucked into the lamp. One time it happened a week after I finished the lamp after it had cooled, and more recently I had it happen to my other lamp a few weeks after finishing it and it happened while the lamp was running, so it causes significantly more of a problem because now I have to redo the lamp to get the rubber stopper out of the wax.

Has anyone else had this problem and what might be the remedy?  I can't seem to seal the metal top cap properly with pliers, and sealing that better would be my first instinct but how do I go about that? If you have any ideas involving buying products, please link these exact products in your reply.  I've bought a bottle capper to put caps properly on my 52oz globes, and it's in the mail, but the grandes seem to pose more of a problem.

Thanks in advance :)

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Here is Kirk's recommendation for grande glitter stoppers, the flat part needs trimmed to fit the globe top.  I'm not sure if they work for lava though


found here:  http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/fast-glitter-formula-discove...

I've got some and they worked really well. But the site says they are on backorder.

Thanks for the info, I'll look for something similar while these are out of stock


See above attachment

Done many of them this way

If the rubber one is worn, Buy Stoppers here: https://store.mocap.com/mocap_en/xw.html?Item=XW2.12/2.29YW1&_g...

See my youtube link


I pretty sure I have one here if you need one right away

That's fine, I requested a sample for the same product from a different company. I'm in no rush and I'd feel silly having one cap shipped to Canada, especially when I really need at least two. 

That guide is really helpful though, thanks!

I have a question though, can I not just run the lamp with the cap on (without the epoxy seal and such) to test the liquid level? I don't like leaving such a gap between the liquid and the decorative cap if I don't have to.
Claude J said:

I pretty sure I have one here if you need one right away

I run my colossus without being sealed for months now, sure why not, just keep the cap loose so it doenst get debris in it and the heat stays trapped

This is actually starting to happen to my Heritage Grande... and I’ve never popped it open... but the stopper is almost sucked in, and the lamp keeps loosing water. I’ll probably have to open it, sadly. 

It's more than likely evaporating because the seal is broken on top

The hot vapor leaks out

Just reseal it with a new expansion plug

The rubber is not super high quality and deteriorates over time

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