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Selling a Wizard Lamp: Silver Base, White Lava and Blue Water. Small Dent on the back!

Selling a Starship Rocket Lamp, black base, yellow lava, and blue water. No Cap!

I need to sell a couple to make some money for this expensive-ass Crestworth I've been wanting! Make me an offer! I'd rather sell them to people who would appreciate them!

Check my pics to see both. They both run well!

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Also here!
What expensive Crestworth you bought?

If you get a glitter wiz in good condition, we'll talk.........

I told you guys in the chat that I found a black base red glitter wiz at an antique mall and no one said anything. That's kind of when I stopped talking in chat. It's only like four people in there so I don't really say anything.
Shoot.. If it had the cap I would be all over that. ️Love starships... I saw a regular lamp on eBay with that cap and almost got it, but it went over 30 and I keep buying too many..

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