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Peeps are asking so I came up with a brief list of lamps I'm selling. I do have a few more that arent listed but will shortly once these other start moving. Please send me any offers you may have, my ears are open.

1- grande globe purple/yellow

1- 32oz red marble base/cap with red glitter clear fluid

1- 32oz white marble base/cap with silver glitter clear fluid

1- 52oz premier black base and cap clear fluid red glitter

1- Midnight Century with clear fluid blue glitter.

3 - 20oz.metallic bases (Chrome, Copper and Black Chrome) all 3 have clear fluid with matching color glitter.

1- Student lounge floor lava lamp -  Stands about 39" tall, I did a transplant on the lava, has  90's formula in it, clear/purple, silver base and cap.

3- empty 32 oz globes

2 globes for a link'd lamp if anyone is interested. One is red metallic lava in clear fluid and the other is red glitter with clear fluid.

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Thanks guys!

All of this is still available including the grande globe, I haven't had a chance to add to the ebay yet so if your still interested, let me know. I will consider any offers.

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Updated the for sale list above.

Here are a few pictures of most of the remaining stuff.

Student Lounge Lamp

Red Glitter / Clear Fluid 52oz.

Midnight Century Deep Blue Glitter in Clear Fluid

3 metallic chrome series 20oz. lamps with matching glitter. Chrome, Copper and Black Chrome.

White and Red Marble Bases and Caps

So you redid all the glitter?  Did you use a kit?

What are you looking to get for the student lounge lamp?

@Kelly, I redid the glitter with all my own stuff no kits

@Cow All the rest of the lamps I have for sale (except the grande globe) are up on ebay now


The grande globe I'm look to get $30 for it you pay shipping if anything is interested.

Ooooooh, do you have a tutorial on the glitter replacement?  They’re gorgeous!

No I dont have anything just a lot of trail and error. and thank you!

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