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I'm moving and going back to school so I have to sell all these lava lamps.

All the lamps pictured are for sale.

If you see something you like let me know and we'll work something out. Prices are flexible, I just need to sell them.

All lamps are USA made unless noted.

All globes are USA lava lite globes and flow great. 

All lamps are in perfect condition with the exception of one wizard base that has a small dent which you can see in the picture.

The Celestial icon was shattered and put back together with epoxy so you probably don't want that one, it just happens to be in the picture because it was between the two wizard glitters.

List of lamps:

7 Wizards with lava globes - 6 silver, 1blue

2 Wizards with original Wizard glitter globes - 1 black, 1 silver

1 Starship - black

1 Starship - Silver

1 Aztec with original Sungold lava globe and screw top

1 Elektrik - purple

1 Enchantress - gold 

1 52oz (made in China) - This is the only china lamp for sale but it works perfectly. It's actually one of my favorite lava flows.

I also have a 20oz Bob Marley lamp (not pictured)

Also have an eggshell style lamp. Lava is totally shot but the shape is pretty cool.

If you have any questions or want more pictures please let me know.


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Starships and Aztec


Elektrik, Enchantress, and China

How much for the aztec?

Hi, Jester.  I'm interested in the Aztec with original Sungold Lava globe and screw top - I don't see it in the pictures, though.  Also, what does the China lamp look like?  I know what you mean about the lava flows on these, sometimes you get a really interesting one with lots of action, just doesn't snake upward like the older Lava Lite ones do. 

Oops, sorry.  Found the pictures.

What would you accept for the China lamp?  Just to confirm - is the wax and liquid both yellow? 

wizard globe cap numbers:

03 white/blue

21 pink/purple

02 red/yellow

09 purple/clear

20 white/lavender

29 lime/yellow

10 red/clear

31 silver glitter/blue

33 silver glitter/purple

starships both have #24 yellow/blue globes

aztec has original sungold lava globe with screw cap. 

Answers to questions:

China lamp is lime/clear and I'll sell it for 20 bucks.

I haven't been collecting for a while and I don't know the current value of a lot of these lamps. Any help would be appreciated in that regard. Either way, just message me an offer and we'll work something out I'm not really looking for top dollar or anything just want to sell them.

Aztec: This lamp is rare and in perfect condition with original lava that flows great so I'd like to get a good price for it. If interested, message me.

Here is a picture of some of the lamps running.

Wizard Shelf

Thank you to those who have made purchases. I still have many lamps left to sell.

Here's what's left:

Wizards: Blue base white/blue

              silver base pink/purple

              silver base red/yellow

              silver base purple/clear

              Silver base purple glitter 

              silver base blue glitter


electrick - purple base pink/purple

enchantress - gold base blue/white

China 52oz green/clear (great flow)

Bob marley 20oz (great flow)

Newly added: I have an alien ceramic icon and a chester ceramic icon (w/ box) both in good condition

If you're interested, just make me an offer and we'll work it out. 

Any questions, pic requests, etc. let me know.


Sent you a message.  Let me know.

Everything posted above is still available minus the aztec and blue base wizard. Still have some nice lamps that I need to get rid of, so scoop em up for a great price! Shoot me a message if interested.


I'm interested in the Red/Clear globe.  If you still have it, can you send me the numbers on the bottle cap of the globe?  Thanks

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