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Selling off most of my Goo-inventory of @ 30 lamps of all types!

Hi all, I am moving into a smaller place, and after @ 7 years finally forced to sell all but about 3 lamps. You can see my pics for some of them, but I will add more. Some include (and sorry I have forgotten most of the names!):

1. Devil lamp

2. Entire row of black base "rainbow" arrangement (9 colors)

3. Moonface lamp

4. A few "wizard" lamps

5. A couple larger (27" I believe) red lamps with gold bases

Many others, of virtually every color, and many additional bases, mostly the midnight series black bases.

I am in Northern California (Bay Area) so if you are anywhere local it would be easy to pick up. Not even sure how I could ship all of the separately with my job and moving, but if anyone wants more info please let me know! Just want them to have a great new home! 




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Ted, check your email

I sent you a message also. ;-)

Hi Loren,


I posted a few more pics of the lamps. So is #15 globe orange and white?  I have most of the globes. Let me know! 

Loren said:

I sent you a message also. ;-)

Hi Claude! Let's see, only a couple of the midnight bases have the Lava Lite label on front. I bought all of them on eBay and at the time (2009-2010) I didn't mind the lack of labels. As far as prices, judging from Ebay I'd say 25-40 depending on the color. For example cranberry is a lot more rare than blue or purple.

Devil and moon I'd let go for 75 each, even though...gosh I think I overpaid everything back then.

I may keep the Saturna, as that is the most I paid for any of them. 

Hope that helps as a start!

Claude J said:

Ted, check your email

I sent a message and friend request, Ted!

Ted,.. please respond to yahoo email

Full Globe for a century? 1975

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