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I couldn't help it. K&K True Value had them on sale for $10 so my boyfriend bought me one. Cranked it up thinking "surely all those China-made lamps can't be bad" and 1.5 hours later, one giant blob at the bottom of the lamp that won't move. It's got a 25W bulb in it, flakes of *something* in the water and it looks like it's separated from the coil.

I'm just wondering if I could tinker with it at all and have a working lamp or if it's a lost cause. Anyone get a China lamp functioning with minimal effort?

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I have learned this lesson the hard way with the same 20 oz lamp with same color scheme and same problem...my blue white 20 oz does the golf ball thingie and is kinda foggy.

That.s the best scenario with the 20 oz lamps..you get one that "kinda" works
It's going back. Not going to waste anymore time or money on this.
I replaced my bulb with a 30w spot bulb with good results.
Good to know. Might be helpful for people who have China-made lamps and can't return them.
I just dont see how they stay in business when the majority of their lamps act like this. Most people are going to instantly tell the lamp is broken and return it. Its sad...the lamps they are putting out have very vibrant colors but they just dont work.
It IS really sad. I've just starting getting interested in lava lamps and all these new ones I'm hearing about...just disheartening. But, lucky for us, there are many old ones to be found, so that's the route I'm taking. Hopefully, if enough people vote with their pocketbooks, LavaWorld will adjust their product or go under.
Hmmm. Maybe add a drop of dish liquid? The symptom you describe sounds like what's mentioned one of the recipes on this site. If you don't add the dish detergent, the lava makes a large ball that rises, falls, and sits there without reconnecting to the coil.
My blob never rose. Just sat there...trying to lift off. LOL
I've been ranting about the 20oz LW lamps in some other threads hahaa I have 8 of them, they were cheap at Menards. I will not pay over 10 bucks for them, well I'm never buying anymore, they are cute but they DO NOT FLOW good if at all, the coil issue, check out my posts I drudged up hehehe
oh and yes the China lamps sometimes have ODD WHITE FLAKES floating around, my problem 52 green/clear has a giant white flake that looks like a feather floating around, scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll have to try a 30 or 40 watt in the 20s, I'm sure I'll have fun at home depot or menards looking for the right size bulb!

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