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Hi everyone,

Roughly two to three times a week my boyfriend stays over for the night, and I have a lava lamp in my bedroom (Yellow wax, orange liquid) that I like to watch while I fall asleep. Recently he's been complaining about the light, and I don't find it all that bright. I only have it running for maybe 20 minutes while in bed, and then I have my plug shut off, however I find it very relaxing and much better to fall asleep to than having a TV on.

Have any of you had anyone complain about your lamps in your bedrooms? Did you compromise or tell them to get over it?

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This is more of a relationship issue than a lamp issue, but I’ll give my thoughts.

I personally am a light sleeper, living rurally with no noise/light pollution will do that.  I literally can’t sleep when there’s a light, and I know that out of all of my colour schemes, my yellow/orange is the one that is basically a full blown lamp as opposed to a dim lighting accessory.  All lights go off before I sleep.

it comes down to do you *need* it to sleep, or do you just *like* it?  Not being able to sleep sucks massively.

All relationships require compromise, it’s kind of what they are about, generally *needs* trump *likes* though.  If you *need* it on to sleep and he *needs* it off to sleep, then there’s an issue.

If it’s a “like” in both cases, then your house, your rules.  However, just keep in mind how much stress not being able to get to sleep causes.  I struggle with sleep at the best of times and this would be a deal breaker for me, as would someone who has a bedroom tv that must be on for them to fall asleep to.  But then I’m in my 40’s and crotchety, so there’s that!

You can swap your friend better than the lava lamp! orange / yellow is my favorite

As a person with ADHD, i can confidently say that i understand what you mean by it helping you to relax. I like being able to focus on one thing as opposed to scrolling through instagram or watching youtube, because otherwise, my mind is trying to process a million different things and suddenly i look at my clock and its 3am. Of course thats just my situation. As Monsoon said, ask yourself first whether or not it really does help you go to sleep, if your answer is yes, its probably the best idea to talk with your boyfriend. One solution that comes to my mind is a sleeping mask, like the ones you put over your eyes. There are tons of very comfortable ones on the internet that he could test out.

Just replace him, I am available!  Can fall asleep with multi lava lamps running! :P  I do though prefer the dimmer lamps, clear/red, new silver metallic/clear, Night before Christmas green/ white lava.. the more subdued tones.  Good luck with the BF! 


Thanks you all for the responses. I've decided to move the lamp to my desk. He was happy about it. This was my first night without it in a while which took a bit to fall asleep. I didn't sleep as well as I normally do but it will be an adjustment period. I will just zone out at my desk when I need my moment of Zen.

Thank you! xoxo

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