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Update:  Sold! Thanks Diin and y'all oozing gooers...;)



I'm in the process of refilling a Giant with a goo kit from Louie (Done).

Since I'm using distilled water to work with the new lava kit, I'll have around 180 ounces of the original Lava Lite Giant clear liquid (pictured below) that I won't/don't need.

If there is anyone who might be interested in this liquid for use in original Lava lamps or other projects, let me know.

As of now, the liquid is contained in three 64oz plastic bottles within a 12"x12"x12" box and is ready for shipping. After checking around for "cheap" shipping prices, I found that I can ship most anywhere in the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii) for $20 via UPS Ground.

Just let me know if you're interested...


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I would be. I assume this was all the liquid in the Giant right? What are you asking for as price?
Yes, it would be all the liquid that I have in the Giant.
As far as price goes, I'm open for offers.
Also, I'm thinking about the cost of shipping and what type of containers would work best to ship the liquid....
Any ideas? I could make use of some clean large plastic bottles (Pepsi, Coke, fruit juice, milk, etc.) in a well-packed box perhaps...
Anything that will fit in the flat rate boxes would be best. I think Juicy Juice bottles should fit nicely. Up to 50/70lbs per box. Whatever maximizes the space and contains the fluid without issue. Anything with a screw tight cap would work good.
Those large USPS Flat Rate boxes would work nicely for $13.95 (USA destination) each.

However, I'm thinking it could take up to three of those large USPS flat rate boxes to fit all the liquid from the Giant.

$13.95 X 3 = $41.85 just for shipping...Perhaps UPS or FedEx Ground would be cheaper...?
UPS would be cheaper.

Question is, what do you want for the fluid itself? I am not good with numbers so tell me a number and I will tell you yes or no. Lol.
How does $20 sound?
Sent a friend request.
Still for sale...:)
I was wondering the same thing.
The liquid is nice and clear, but the lava is bad.

Although my discussion picture doesn't show it, the lava is full of bubbles when it's warmed up, doesn't flow well, and discolored bits of hardened/flaky wax can be seen throughout.
It seems to me that the lava was overheated over a period of time before I purchased it and the wax got "cooked".

My avatar picture is of another Red Giant I have that works/flows the way it should.
Will do....

Luckily, the "dead" wax from my red/clear giant hasn't clouded the liquid at all.
...That's why I'm hesitant to dump this giant's clear liquid if someone can make use of it...
...Still available...

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