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Update:  Sold! Thanks Diin and y'all oozing gooers...;)



I'm in the process of refilling a Giant with a goo kit from Louie (Done).

Since I'm using distilled water to work with the new lava kit, I'll have around 180 ounces of the original Lava Lite Giant clear liquid (pictured below) that I won't/don't need.

If there is anyone who might be interested in this liquid for use in original Lava lamps or other projects, let me know.

As of now, the liquid is contained in three 64oz plastic bottles within a 12"x12"x12" box and is ready for shipping. After checking around for "cheap" shipping prices, I found that I can ship most anywhere in the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii) for $20 via UPS Ground.

Just let me know if you're interested...


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OMG! Still, no one wants this crystal fluid? WTF is wrong with you folks?
PS, good luck, Quisp. Maybe it's destined to be poured down the drain, after a year of holding onto it!
From personal experience, I do know this liquid works well with other Lava Lite lava lamps from the 90's to early 2000's.
As far as other brands, years, and models of lava lamps, I really don't know how well this liquid would work.
Well, I'm not going to pour this perfectly good "Giant Juice" down the drain...;)
It's like a good Cabernet...It's getting better with age I'm sure...lol.
Obviously, I'm in no hurry to sell...Time will tell. Hopefully, a lava lamp tinkerer can put this liquid to good use.
hmm, well i also have a few cloudy globes that arent getting any better. i was thinking about doing the salt water thing, but i dont seem to have very good luck with that.
would food coloring have any affect on this liquid? or would it just wreck it?
I haven't tried coloring this liquid, so I'm unsure of the possible affects.
I've tried various home made lava lamp liquids, but none work nearly as well as the real stuff.
cool, are you looking to sell it as a whole, or no? cause i think i only need 3 quarts or so.
Hey I may take the rest. If dinn decides not to buy it I'll take it all. I am getting a clear/red giant with a bad dye leak and the liquid is no longer clear so I will probably need to replace the fuild. I am going to try to filter the color out of it but if I cant I will buy what you have left.
Ideally, I'm am looking to sell it as a whole.
Sounds good to me.
Let me know what y'all decide.
If everything goes right my giant should be shipped next monday. So by next friday I should know what I need to do.
Fair enough.
Diin has first dibs, so we'll wait to hear from him.

hey dude. ive decided to take it, if its ideal for you, ill take 4 quarts and  Autumn can have the rest, if not, then ill just take it all. how much would you want for it?

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