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I will be redoing this list sometime in the near future...

I am selling 90% of my lamps. Everything I own is now for sale for the right price except my mathmos, grandes/giants, consorts, pyramids, kenny, rainbow, and colossus lamps. The red goo kit grande is for sale though. Message me for details about the lamps. Make an offer. 

Click the photos to expand. Magma fountain refilled with Hughes wave machine fluid.Tube lamp refilled with USA formula. Only the stuff in the first two photos are for sale. Anything else pictured is because I am reusing photos. Cheetah lamp is brand new, globe is faded globe with dyed wax. As usual if you buy several things I will throw in a cheap lamp for free.

Partial list of available lamps:

Tube lamp

Stars and moons cosmic drop new with box

Wave machine

Cheetah lamp

Blue swirl base/cap

red/blue tube with usa formula

yellow clearview orange/white usa globe

galileo thermometer

green swirl with green/white usa globe

purple swirl with blue/blue usa dyed globe

Silver century with USA red glitter

Seamoore with teal globe and dolphin cap

enchantress with red/yellow usa globe

red designer with usa blue/red globe

green designer with usa blue/yellow globe

red goo kit grande



Aristocrat with purple/pink usa mix

white century purple/yellow usa globe

Plasma disk

Snakeskin base/cap

Small 8oz china filled with USA formula

Nova glitter

Batman full lamp

Batman base and cap

Magma Fountain

5 cosmic drops




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And are you selling the Mathmos?


Sent you an offer.

Updated with new photos. This stuff will be going on ebay if it is not bought soon.

Sent a PM, Autumn.

Everything I own is now for sale for the right price except my mathmos, grandes/giants, consorts, pyramids, kenny, rainbow, and colossus lamps. Look at my photos for details.

I sent you a friend request...I'm interested in several of these lamps.  I'm mainly looking for lamps in blue, teal, or orange lava colors w/ clear liquid.  Is that one that looks like a lantern available for sale?  Also interested in that hourglass one if its still available.

I forget what gen it is. It has an original orange/yellow globe that runs beautifully as long as you don't overheat it. It has a shiny brass finish and it in excellent condition aside from the cracking in the wires on the area where the handle pieces come together. You cannot see the cracks until you take it apart and it does not seem to effect anything. The liquid is crystal clear now, this photo is old.

lalalava said:

is that a semi copper Gen2 coach?

Some rushed photos.

Also what is the fat tube w/ the orange base that's in the 1st 2 pics? 

It's a Magma Fountain,Jeff.  It's sold already.

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