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First question so if there is a thread already answering my question just point me to it.

I picked up my first lava lamp the other day. Found 2 in a second hand shop. I don't think they are especially old, but they looked cool.

One of the lamps worked a treat the other has a "spring" like thing sticking up out of the wax. (I assume this happened during the flight home.)

Can someone give me some advise on how to fix or is it a lost cause.

Thanks in advance.


Picture of the lamp is attached.

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Looks like your going to have to open the globe and pull the coil out. clean it really good, make it into a circle and put it back in. So that it sits flat on the bottom

welcome to OG!

yep, the spring needs to look like this:

Thanks for that. Two questions. 1. What do i clean it with and 2. if i join it like that how do get back in the globe? I obviously have to do it while its hot and the wax is soft. I see the other end has something to join the two ends. So number two is a stupid question and I have to do it in the globe. So another question, what does it do?

Thanks for the prompt replies, I will let you know how I get on.


Soap and hot water... or degreaser. u can use a tooth brush on it. Also use latex gloves so no oils from your hands get on it. When its in a circle it will be really springy... so just squeeze it and it will fit back through the neck and spring back once inside. The coil helps heat the wax....and keeps it together at the bottom

Hi Alan, welcome to OG!!!   I found a link where Keith had to fix one of his globes with a bad coil, and he has some very nice pictures of the procedure he used.   The coil also came apart while he was working, so I thought this might help you.  Keith is still a member here, so if you have any questions, holler at him........(You're welcome, Keith!!   ;-P)   


Thanks for the welcome and the help. All fixed and working like a charm.


Great job, Alan, so glad you got it working again!!! 

only 1 thing I'd like to add to Keith's steps. you can get the coil ends slipped in together but they can pop out as you go to put back in. I would recommend using some clear epoxy. Use a flat toothpick to mix epoxy and the apply thin coat to outside and  2-3 dabs on inside.Get 5 minute epoxy but give it 45 mins to an hours Sit it in an empty aluminum pie pan while it dries. The coil acts like an accelerator. It helps to draw wax/goo to it. Also Amazon has oxygen consuming beer bottle caps-Rite brew Oxygen absorbing bottle caps 144 count for 6.90. A lot of folks here on oogoo use the hose clamp method. I didn't have much luck with so I got a bench capper. Amazon has a few as low as 29.99 right now the also have beer bottle brushes. Welcome to oozinggoo. Jeff

Thanks for that Jeff. Everything went fine except for the reseal. i damaged the cap getting it off and the hose clamp did not work. i have attached a photo. i thought it might be like a regular bottle but it does not have a big lip. What do you recommend. Alan 


uh ya that's one of those wider caps. I have a hotrocks lamp that has a different cap on it and it's got some german words on it but your's is about double the hieghth. I don't know if you can even get new cap for that. Perhaps another member here can help you on that. That's wild where do you live. I think that's the first bottle top like that I've seen.most all of LL's and china's are standard. Well maybe if you found a cork that fit the inside diameter and then use some bail wire like 1/8" and put over the cork crisscrossed. Like a champagne bottle.Again someone more familiar that has seen this type of bottle before could give some suggestions.

Alan, did you damage the cap so badly that it cannot be used again?   If not, a hand capper will work on those wide neck bottles.   This is from the Lava Library:   Go down the page on the link below and you'll see the wide necked globe.  Under the pic it has one sentence that says that is the only type of neck that a hand capper will work on.  

Someone else may be able to give you other options too.


Thanks for that, I am in Oz but assume that they are made in China. I have found a cork that fits a treat. It is rel cork not a plastic one, I don't think the heat will affect it. Thanks again for the advice. Alan

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