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We've had a few spammers lately and some members do not know best how to get a hold of a mod. Unfortunately, I think you have to "friend" someone to message them. I know that can be a pain, so we'll just post info here so spammers can be taken care of quickly.

If you've been getting bothersome messages from someone, please post their ID/page here and we'll take a look and see if the account needs to be suspended. 

Known spammers: Stella Kwale and Frank Kwabena. I am sure these aren't even real people, but their accounts come around every now and again. 

Any questions - please post them here. 

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Five more gone, wrinkles away !

We need the site owner, Mark Goo, to get involved. He's the only one who can implement stuff like that. We've reached out to him, but have not yet heard back.

Ryan said:

I wonder if we could implement a "CAPTCHA" system or one of those "I'm not a robot" things when new members sign up.


Samu3, joined and immediately started spamming.

Is there a way to require new member posts to go through moderator approval?

Emeka and Efua

I support our new skin care overlords. /s

analoghaze said:
LampHead said:
A few skin care spams are harmless so far, I even learned a few tips lol.

As harmless as it may seem, it has gotten to the point where most of the posts are spam.

Learning tips about skin care is ok, until nobody posts about lamps anymore.
I am sure there are forums about skin care.

This has become the most active thread on the forum.

We are deleting the blogs about as fast as they are posted. If they are degrading your user experience so much do not look at the blogs. We have minimal control over spammers getting in but we can remove them rather quickly. Sorry a few odd spams are causing everyone so much grief.
I have also locked this thread so it will not be the most active.



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