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I see that Spencer's website has those neon's available now. Have to go see what these look like in person to see if there are worth it. Autumn do you know if there more colors available or is this it?  These remind me of the old days of the midnight aristocrats minus the pinholes.

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I run mine on average 6 to 8 hours nearly every day, but I run USA made lamps the same without wax fade.

Yeah Carol, the green is looking disgusting.  The other colors, although faded, still look good.  I like the pinkish/purple look of the purple.  Actually on the yellow it doesn't look much different, just doesn't pop as much.  But the yellow doesn't have a good flow.  Mine are all over 1 1/2 years old with no brown gunk.

You're lucky then Keith!!!  Neon green lamp #2 gunked within the first month.  I have no clue what it is, but it does get into the wax.  I thought maybe that is why the wax turns from vibrant green to a "puke" colored green as I like to call it, lol!!  When I just kitted my green, I did blend the dyes.  I used a yellow/green blend in equal amounts to come up with that brightish green more Neon looking color.  I'm seriously thinking of doing that with my son's lamp.  Just waiting until it looks totally disgusting to crack it open.  I don't usually like to mess with something until it's worthless.....

I don't mind popping open the 52's.  But my neon green grande needs refreshing too.  Recapping a grande has been a challenge for me.

Oh yeah Keith.......out of all of the ideas on OG, I have not heard of a 100% successful way to completely seal off a grande.  I have used the Izze soda bottle caps on my china 52's, but the 52 usa globe that I just kitted I can't use the izze cap on because the usa globes have a huge fat upper rim on them.  I still have not sealed it.  Guess I might use the hose clamp trick on that one.

Hose clamp works great 

I opened all 4 of my heritage grandes to all a second coil. I just recrimped the original cap and they are perfectly sealed again.

I know others haven't had trouble but the grande I redid the fluid in I couldn't get the cap to stay on by just recrimping.  

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