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Just wanted to let everyone know that spencers stores have their lamps $5 off regular price .

I got a 17 inch WIZARD  Heritage lamp for $15.00  after tax !!!! It was normally 40.00  with 50% off plus the $5 off on that !  excellent deal on a 40.00 lamp id say !

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Online only I presume?  I don't like to buy lamps online, especially with the shipping in the summer months.  I like to go to my local Spencer's because they let me pull as many as I want from the tubes.  It is a good deal though.  Even just to use the base and hat is a good deal.  I may have to order one online.  I need a 52 oz for a goo kit candidate, except the goo kit i'm doing is going to be dark so I need a globe without 8 bazillion of those starry occlusions in it, lol!!!

NO its in stores !!!!!  I went to my local store and got it .  I used to have a rocket style generic lamp that works like a charm , and I might sell it ... IDK yet .   This one here is wicked cool  , but yes  IN STORES

The $5 off has been going on for weeks now.  I bought my 50th Anniversary from Spencer's a month back with the 5 off promo.  Alas the lamp was cloudy.  

I have seen the Heritage Wizards in store with the 50% off stickers. Maybe they are selling Centuries online at half off as well if they are clearing out the Heritage line?

that im not sure of !

Looks like the heritage wizards are only 1/2 off in stores(and they are the only ones 1/2 off). I bought a couple last week for $15 a piece. Maybe trying to make room for the beetles lineup? The rest of the heritage series seems to only be $5 off on spencers website. Hope I can find the purple/clear on sale sometime. I haven't heard anything about the flow of those ones yet.

Back to school shopping for me soon, so have to put lamps on hold for a bit, but if I happen to be up by my Spencer's and see one for half price might have to get it for a kit candidate.  I think a black lava/orange liquid would look awesome in a wizzie globe and hat!!!! for Halloween!!!

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