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So I called lava lamp today to inquire about stock on the glitter grande bottles and black bases. Stock is low so I will most likely buy one.

From what I gather from my brief conversation, they don't know what will and what will not be continued however, grandes in particular are up in the air and there is a chance they might not continue them. If they do, the selection will be ultra limited from what I was told.

This also goes for the entire line.

it seems they have their hands full trying to get their act together in terms of how to run an fullfill the orders.

I was informed though the the lavalamp site will most likely be folded in their own site and will not be standalone anymore.

It could be a matter of months from what I was told.

Again, who knows how accurate this info is but I advise anyone who needs anything grande wise get it from where ever you can like walmart as I doubt the grande future is bright.

With regards to the glitter grande, I am jumping on one while they because I feel they will never be made again.

Also, I asked to speak to Susan and was not allowed to talk with her.

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damn thats pretty badass lol i think ill get one, cept black base

Well I have good news and bad news, good news there are bottles left, bad news, the gold bases are in stock but the site won't let you order one with that bottle. Odd but that's what happened when I called.

I might order one with a black base as I have a black base already and they are very nicely done. If they can sell you a gold base without having the website issue, go for it.

why gold though does gold look better you think with that painted glass combo ? ?

i like black best 

How are your glitter grandes holding up? No clumping right or clouding?

The Lamp Caretaker said:

I have several photos posted for glitter grandes untouched - several are two grades I recently purchased with color globes. The globes sucked in terms of the spray job applied to them so I scraped the paint off and  now have two awesome  silver glitter clear liquid lamps.  I also have two custom grande glitter lamps in gold rainbow glitter using original lava lite liquids and glitter and they are by far my favorite lamps in my living room that get used daily.  I think the glitter lamps are just as awesome if not more popular right now than lava lamps.  Every time I have a guest or client come over they ask about my glitter lamps and how to buy. When I tell them they are not available they get so bummed out.  Glad I have mine.  I also purchased a blue glitter grande from a member here.  It reminds me of starry nights in the desert.  So AWESOME!
Jon said:

Hmm i habe 4 grandes now.. One in coming in the mail... 1 of my first 3 were clear.. the other 2 i redid to orange liquid and green liquid..  My 4th coming ima change to a cyan color.

But i have no glitter lamp... tbh i dont like glitter lamps all that much.

And i havent seen a grande glitter before..  Does anyone have an actualy picture of thwir glitter grande ?  The pictures lava light take are always fake and computer enhanced.

Id like to see a real picture before i consider spending 100$.

Personally i think this company that bought lava light is going to run them into the ground.. 

Why would glitter cloud ?  The clouding is from micro particles from the wax.. but the glitter ?  I can see clumping though

Glitter lamps can cloud due to the solutions seperating. I once bought a red glitter grande on letgo that this happened to.

Granted it was an older glitter grande but it can and does happen.

Upset about the Grande but honestly this is Mathmos's chance to finally come to the US, that is if they can sort out the patent issues. Lava-Schylling seems to have no enthusiasm for its products from what I've seen. 

I hope they go under.  I really do.  Everyone that was good already lost their job there.  The company that once produced solid products with quality died years ago (cough cough 2003).  Hopefully they go away and Mathmos can sell to the U.S. once and for all.

^^ Wishfull thinking but some people are reporting quality issues with mathmos, they might go down the lava lamp route quality wise as time goes on.

What i dont get is why would they buy the lava lamp company then all we hear and see is a meh from them.. That i dont get.

They have so much potential if someone rich with a brain would buy them they could be alot better.

I watched videos from only a few years back of the lava lamp ceo on news channle and stuff promoting their products and the guy jad to read from que cards and he didnt even know what was in the lamps or how they moved.. He had to read from the cards.. and this was on many videos..  I dont get that..  A good ceo knows their products.

Take AMD in the computer world.. They almost went under.... but That asian lady took over as ceo and shes smart as hell and the company came back from the brink of death

No clumping whatsoever. I wish I could upload a video but for some reason every time I try it will not upload. I'll take a video of the GOLD and CLEAR in action over the weekend and try again.

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