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super bright 2.5 volt, 0.25 watt christmas tree lamp super bright

I'm hoping someone here may be able to assist me in locating what I come to find as the hardest bulb I've ever tried to purchase online.  My Christmas tree is in desperate need of - SUPER BRIGHT / 2.5 volt, 0.25 watt light bulbs.  I've tried well over thirty bulbs I have here in my home and all are dim when plugged in and manufacturers instructions are to purchase the 2.5 volt - 0.25 watt - super bright clear light bulbs.  I cannot seem to locate anywhere online...what am I missing here?  I purchased my tree 3 years ago so it's not like it's vintage or hyper rare.  If anyone can help me out here I will gladly donate 10.00 to this site or to the person who can locate these bulbs.  Greatly appreciated!  I  don't want to discard the tree because it cost quite a bit of money and is champagne in color - not your typical green tree.  Tree came with five replacement bulbs I've already used up.  

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If the bulbs are rated for 0.25 W then any 2.5 V bulbs with a 100 mA rating should work. I found these on Amazon which look like what you're looking for. I'd check to make sure everything else in the description also matches up with your tree's wire tags.

Ok - I just ordered and they are to arrive on Monday Dec-19th.  I hope much sooner.  Ask anyone who knows my tag on this site, I do not BS and always keep my word.  If they work I will gladly reach out to you and you have the option to donate the 10.00 to this site or keep it for yourself.  Thank you for your reply...greatly appreciated!

We have a WINNER!   ALEX -  the lights you recommended worked beautifully.  Where would you like for me to send your ten dollars or donate the ten to this site?  Your call.  For the cheap price I received a hundred bulbs and was able to replace around 25 I had no idea were also burned out.  I decided to use on several sets of lights I was about to toss out since they also use the same bulbs.  My champagne tree looks better than ever and I still cannot believe you found bulbs I could not find for quite some time. Bulbs were delivered on Saturday the day I planned on setting it up which made my day even more awesome.  I'll be on the lookout for your reply.  Thanks a ton...GREATLY APPRECIATED!  I may take a photo of the tree and post it here since it's not your average looking tree. 

Glad to be of help!

I'd like to see the money donated to the site.

Also, I'd love to see some pics of the tree since it sounds like quite a unique look.

Alex - Per your request a ten dollar donation was issued to markarchibot.com earlier.  Thank you once again for taking the time to assist in finding the correct bulb for my Christmas tree.  I'm gearing up for my 30th Annual Holiday Gathering next Friday for well over 150 attendees.  Unfortunately I may not have time to photograph and post a picture of the tree.  It's 9' tall - champagne gold with well over 3500 branches and over 2800 light bulbs in the vintage gold not the electric white LED lights so many new trees come with these days which I find tacky looking as all hell.  No offense to anyone who may own one.  I simply prefer the soft golden color the non LED bulbs emit and against the champagne branches - the tree is a true stunner that's for sure. Merry Christmas to all and to ALEX who humbly donated the ten he won to this site.  

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