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I want to conduct an experiment.

Let's say a 52oz bottle normally would take about 15-18ml of surf. How much concentrated dawn clear dish soap would that equal? Should I try 5 or so ml or would sticking to the glass stick occur?

For some reason am think you would require less dish soap as opposed to surf as the surf I had from magma tower seemed quick thin compared to dish soap.

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Personally, I like to stay with as straight chemicals as I can, the less the better, meaning the less of individual chemicals. Good luck with your efforts though, let us know how it turns out.

I wouldn't use Dawn

Only use Dawn for the initial cleaning of the globe

it's too strong and has too many additives

I use the cheap dollar general clear hand soap (Clear Aquarium) 

its only $1.00 for big ass bottle and it has minimum additives over the SLES

keep it simple like Mr. Magoo says

Thanks guys. If i want to try the dollar general stuff. similar qty to surf or different? if different more or less?

clear hand soap or clear dish soap??

i never measure

I just add until i get the flow I want

Yes, but there is always a starting point at which you don't have to worry about sticking. Also, dish soap and hand soap? You mentioned hand soap, just want to make sure I get the right thing.

Claude, is the brand soft soap clear aquarium like below

Also, what about this - https://www.homedepot.com/p/25-oz-Natural-Dish-Free-and-Clear-Liqui...

that is the one that DG has a knockoff of that i use

Less is more

DO NOT use the one in the link

The ingredients in softsoap and clear aquarium are almost the same as the cheap shampoo i use from suave.

Only difference between yours is you have three ingredients in that soap that acts as a sufactant and one thats acts as a conditioner..  Mine has two sruf but a few preservatives and vitamins and a type of salt.

Honestly i dunno whats better to use..  They all have like 10 ingredients.  Ima try the soap you use and see if there is any difference

i didnt bother getting it. i am waiting for surf from magma tower as it works and i dont risk messing up my lamps.


it doesn't matter what form it comes in

I've used the DG Aquarium over and over without issues

Yea the suave i use hasnt done anything yet either.  Makes my lamps smell like apples lols

claude near me they dont have the generic. can i use the softsoap?

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